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Letters to the Editor

Community support

Dear Editor: Assistance League would like to thank the community of Downey for supporting our recent fundraising brunch. We would like to mention the generosity of the following […]

Hospital service

Dear Editor: Recently, I had surgery at Downey Community Hospital (now PIH). I realize that the doctors get most of the kudos for the job that they perform […]


Dear Editor: An important poem in last week’s Patriot, “I’m Not Charlie,” was wrongly attributed to another poet, Wallace Stevens. The poem was written by Downey poet Conney […]

Stressful job

Dear Editor: I agree with Ann Halters regarding the length of the letters printed in the paper. I might have added some of them are downright hateful. It […]

Coyote warning

Dear Editor: Last week, two coyotes killed my neighbor’s cat. My husband and I were extremely surprised there were coyotes in Downey. My husband called for the partial […]

Property management

Dear Editor: Re: Danny Wright’s letter, “Noisy Neighbors,” on Jan. 8. I live in a 30-unit apartment building. Several years ago when it was under a different management […]

Long letters

Dear Editor: I would really appreciate your limiting the negative tirades from your very regular conservative contributors. I’m sure they could get their points across in, say, 100 […]

Horse abuse

Dear Editor: I am writing to let you know that I am quite upset at the way we treat horses in America. First and foremost, we must ban […]

Coyote sightings

Dear Editor: A PSA for Downey residents: I work for Kaiser Permanente at the Independence Park building and we have spotted two coyotes in recent weeks. They have […]

Freedom of speech

Dear Editor: Common sense should indicate that people should not make movies plotting to kill enemy world leaders, and newspapers should not poke cartoon fun at another’s religious […]

Aggressive neighbor

Dear Editor: I live in Downey and currently attend Warren High School as a senior. Every day since I was a sophomore, I jog with my dogs around […]

Noisy neighbors

Dear Editor: Last night, the neighbors had another loud party, which consisted of seven hours of nonstop, top-of-the voice roaring, yelling, and screaming (by about 30 people) coupled […]

President’s associates

Dear Editor: Poor President Obama! It seems his mother or father did not instruct him to be careful choosing friends. His choice of pastors seems too bad. Jeremiah […]

Illegal immigrants

Dear Editor: After reading the articles of Congresswomen Lucille Roybal-Allard (“Protect Parents of DREAMers from Deportation,” 11/27/14) and Linda Sanchez (“Executive Action is Bold Step in Right Direction,” […]

Civilized society

Dear Editor: Regarding the editorial by Patty Jackson titled “Police Shootings” (Letters to the Editor, 12/11/14). Patty Jackson calls for rewriting the law to change the way law […]

Extraordinary people

Dear Editor: Each night on the news we see people burning down, tearing down, looting and stealing, destroying what people who have worked very hard to make a […]

Crime report

Dear Editor: I have not received my copy of the Patriot the past two weeks. I would also like to know what happened to the Crime Report. I […]

Downey Police gives back

Dear Editor: The staff of the Exchange Club Family Support Center of Downey would like to give a major shout-out of thanks to the Downey Chief of Police, […]

Immigration discussion

Dear Editor: I am constantly surprised at the level of hatred some residents express over certain topics. Not all the candidates I voted for were elected, but I […]

Salty stocking stuffers

Dear Editor: The season of giving is upon us and no two gifts could be more thoughtless than lottery scratchers and a star in the star registry. By […]