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Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor: The ladies of the Downey Council PTA H.E.L.P.S. (Health, Education, Local Pantry Service) wish to say thank you to all who attended their annual volunteer luncheon, […]

Frustration with pedestrians

Dear Editor: The letter from Alexa Davis speaks about the pedestrians that follow rules, wait for signals, cross where they are supposed to cross, etc. This is great […]


Dear Editor: This year is the 50th anniversary of my husband Audie’s and my first (official) date. We ended the evening at the original Taco Bell on Firestone […]

Wasted water

Dear Editor: Every week there is another article, letter to the editor, or another plea from state and local officals for all of us to conserve more water. […]

Firefighters on call

Dear Editor: I just want to mention something regarding what Mrs. Wilson had to say regarding the cities “emergency program — for $48 a year” in a letter […]

Stop for pedestrians

Dear Editor: “I attend Yolie’s Fitness Class on the corner of Firestone and Old River School Road. Occasionally I like to walk from my house to class. I […]

Responsible gun owners

Dear Editor: I’m glad Joel enjoys his new hometown. I’m told that Nashville is a nice place, I’ve just never had the opportunity nor means to go there. […]

CERT training

Dear Editor: I recently concluded the Spring C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) training, designed to better prepare the citizens of Downey for a major catastrophe. I am now […]

Coyote threats

Dear Editor: Monday morning, my beautiful outside cat, Mr. Sox, who never leaves my front yard, was not at the door when I opened it in the morning. […]

Firefighter service

Dear Editor: I want to remind everyone in Downey about the emergency program — for $48 a year, as a subscriber our paramedics are on call. I live […]

Active lifestyles

Dear Editor: In light of your recent article, “Obesity is Costing You” (4/16/15) about individuals dealing with their battle with obesity, the author Eleazar Kadile shared the many […]

Send sex offenders to Gitmo

Dear Editor: I wish to add to the comments of Mr. Brian Morales (“Sex Offenders,” Letters to the Editor, 4/23/15) There is at least one convicted sex offender […]

Watering plants

Dear Editor: I tend to question Drew Kelley’s assertion that in order to combat the drought, everyone should have an “irrigation timer” and water between 3 a.m. and […]

Pot holes

Dear Editor: Why is it that there are limited funds for the repair/maintenance of the city’s residential streets (“Your street, my street, several streets are beyond slurry seal,” […]


Dear Editor: Barack Obama campaigned as the President of change. He fulfilled that promise by taking us from a greenback-based society to one based in quarters, nickels and […]

Mexican-American history

Dear Editor: This is in regard to the article about an elected state official taking a group of fifth graders to Sacramento to further their education on immigration. […]

California drought

Dear Editor: ”Beating” it? Good luck. Perhaps we need to think first about ”dealing” with it. (“Beating the Drought,” Letters to the Editor, 4/9/15) Those green lawns are […]

Protecting our earth

Dear Editor: For Earth Day 2015, the United Nations Association of Whittier (UNA) together with its sister organization the Whittier Area Environmental Coalition (WAEC) are putting on an […]

Promenade construction

Dear Editor: It will be a year in May since my family and I became residents in the beautiful city of Downey. Living in such a great city […]

Sex offenders

Dear Editor: Since 2009, laws that regulated where sex offenders would be able to live and how far they would have to be from schools, or certain other […]