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Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor: Today, as I was leaving the Stonewood Center food court here in Downey, I was called a “Gay” and a gay slur by a young man […]

Traffic enforcement

Dear Editor: I support the Downey Police Department all the way. But where is the police when Firestone and Florence become traffic accidents waiting to happen, with people […]

Weekly delivery

Dear Editor: I appreciate the faithful weekly delivery of the Downey Patriot by Mr. Kline to Southland assisted living. Many of us, including myself, have previously lived in […]

Police vs. sheriff’s

Dear Editor: Recently there have been numerous letters concerning the debate over whether the City of Downey should be policed by our current community police force or the […]


Dear Editor: I would like to thank the following for their letters and articles: Lee Hamilton for valuable information in “Time to Fix the Government.” John Wehrly for […]

Free enterprise

Dear Editor: The news lately has been mentioning that the Russians are sending stooges into the Ukraine to foment unrest and discontent among the locals in hopes of […]

The Beatles

Dear Editor: My recent letter was not intended to attack libraries or accuse the Beatles of advertently promulgating drug use or murdering teachers. Like many other bands, someone […]

Overgrown grass

Dear Editor: The post office on Imperial Highway has not mowed its grass for more than two months. It looks like a post office in Detroit. It looks […]

Sheriff’s department

Dear Editor: I was surprised that only two letters were written in response to the open letter from Downey police officers. Do Downey residents care if the city […]

President’s spending

Dear Editor: In response to “Politics” (Letters to the Editor, 3/27/14), I have to agree with Joanne Gallo that we have not and will never have a perfect […]

Turf and irrigation

Dear Editor: (Re: “Artificial Turf,” Letters to the Editor, 3/27/14) I am a retired county employee from the Department of Parks and Recreation and served many years as […]


Dear Editor: Many kudos to what’s going on in Downey. Kudos to whoever was instrumental in getting the zebra crosswalks painted on the corner of Paramount Boulevard and […]

Lakewood Boulevard

Dear Editor: Wow! Our City Council thinks it will do something about Lakewood Boulevard between Florence and Gallatin. I will believe it when I see it. (“Repairs May […]

Health coverage

Dear Editor: According to the L.A. Times, more than 7 million previously uninsured Americans now have health coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act. My 53-year-old son is […]

Downey swap meet

Dear Editor: After a long history of providing funds to our local schools, it has come to my attention that the old reliable Downey swap meet is about […]


Dear Editor: This is in response to Elsa Van Leuven’s letter addressing her disdain for President Obama because he lied (of course because he is a Democrat). I […]

Open letter from police

Dear Editor: Once again, we have a serious issue raising its head threatening the independence of this city. (“An Open Letter from Downey Police Officers,” 3/20/14) Dissatisfaction with […]

Cafeteria food

Dear Editor: This letter is in response to the submissions written by the Warren High School students referencing cafeteria food. As a proud lunch lady for the Downey […]

Mexican immigrants

Dear Editor: In response to Dan Chantre’s letter, when Mexican President Felipe Calderon left, he slammed the door on Mexican farmers. He opened up the destruction of Mexican […]

Artificial turf

Dear Editor: In the interest of water conservation, I called Downey City Hall to ask about artificial turf in the front yard. I was told that under no […]