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Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor: Barack Obama campaigned as the President of change. He fulfilled that promise by taking us from a greenback-based society to one based in quarters, nickels and […]

Mexican-American history

Dear Editor: This is in regard to the article about an elected state official taking a group of fifth graders to Sacramento to further their education on immigration. […]

California drought

Dear Editor: ”Beating” it? Good luck. Perhaps we need to think first about ”dealing” with it. (“Beating the Drought,” Letters to the Editor, 4/9/15) Those green lawns are […]

Protecting our earth

Dear Editor: For Earth Day 2015, the United Nations Association of Whittier (UNA) together with its sister organization the Whittier Area Environmental Coalition (WAEC) are putting on an […]

Promenade construction

Dear Editor: It will be a year in May since my family and I became residents in the beautiful city of Downey. Living in such a great city […]

Sex offenders

Dear Editor: Since 2009, laws that regulated where sex offenders would be able to live and how far they would have to be from schools, or certain other […]

Internet/TV access

Dear Editor: I’m curious on why we only get Time Warner in Downey. Is there a reason why we are stuck with only them in our city and […]

Lincoln assassination

Dear Editor: It has been 150 years since President Lincoln was assassinated. Very few books or documentaries ever mention that Mr. Louis Whiteman told a military person named […]

Conservative perspective

Dear Editor: I want to take the time to thank Ms. Greta Campbell for writing and expressing her opinion to the community in the past. I also want […]

Dealership lot

Dear Editor: Thank you to the Downey Patriot for publishing a photo gallery on Facebook showing the current dilapidated condition of the auto dealership on Florence and Studebaker. […]

Beating the drought

Dear Editor: As a new resident of only one year, I have to say that I am very happy to call Downey my city. Purchasing a home here […]

Strangers in the backyard

Dear Editor: Hello, I am a regular teenager who lives in the beautiful city of Downey. I have lived here for all my life, and my family and […]

Living wage

Dear Editor: Mario Guerra’s latest pitch in favor of keeping a living wage off the table is typical of the kind of guy that lives way up on […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support local police

Dear Editor: This is in response to the letter to the editor by Patty Jackson in the March 26 issue. (“Recording Police,” Letters to the Editor) If a […]


Dear Editor: We have been living in Downey for the past 30-plus years and decided to upgrade our front and backyard. We spent close to $40,000 for a […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Lack of male principals

Dear Editor: The Rotary Club of Downey sponsors a program called Recognize Readers. It is designed to show appreciation of elementary school children that have made outstanding progress […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Teacher of the Year

Dear Editor: I wish to recognize and congratulate Mrs. Alison Kirby for being elected Woman of the Year. My daughter, Mariah, had the good fortune of being under […]


Dear Editor: It’s nice to find out that this accusation is a calumny, but did any of these people — Jack Smith or Ray Loynd of the L.A. […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Firefighter resources

Dear Editor: I just witnessed the Downey Fire Department retrieve a remote-controlled glider plane from a pine tree along the sidewalk by Griffiths Middle School. At first when […]

Help for animal shelters

Dear Editor: I love animals and currently I am helping get the dogs of SEAACA adopted. There are many shelters out there who have more help when trying […]