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Letters to the Editor

Presidential vacations

Dear Editor: I am responding to just one of the several points Ms. Gallo made in her Letter to the Editor. In her letter, she compared the total […]

Disappearance of middle class

Dear Editor: In response to Martha Call’s letter, there’s nothing normal about having a middle class. Having a middle class is a choice that a society has to […]

Farr’s closure

Dear Editor: I have seen many stores closing in Downey but it really made me sad to see Farr’s Stationary shutting its doors forever. It was such a […]

Irish exhibit

Dear Editor: It is a great pleasure to be welcomed by the residents of Downey and I feel right at home. I was delighted that Stay Gallery wished […]

Stay Gallery exhibit

Dear Editor: Before seeing an article in the Downey Patriot for Rita Labib’s “Nearly Naked” exhibit, my friends and I had no idea that the Stay Gallery even […]

Delayed cord clamping

Dear Editor: Thank you so much for publishing Rita Shertick’s article on delayed cord clamping in newborns. (“Birth: In Defense of Delayed Cord Cutting,” 4/17/14) As she demonstrated, […]

Oil production

Dear Editor: In a Letter to the Editor (4/17/14), Mike Sandoval asks why gasoline prices are so high if there is so much oil being produced in North […]

Judgmental statements

Dear Editor: In reply to Greta Campbell’s Letter to the Editor: she said there is a price to be paid by those who are afraid of “progressives,” evolutionists, […]

Income inequality

Dear Editor: In response to Ms. Martha Call’s letter to the editor and her statement regarding the Affordable Care Act, I wish Ms. Call would have been more […]

National scholar

Dear Editor: I want to congratulate my son, Ikechukwu Enenmoh of Warren High School, for being selected as a National Achievement Scholarship 2014 winner. We are very proud […]

Wi-Fi fee

Dear Editor: A recent item in the Patriot mentioned that the city is “pleased to be able to provide free Wi-Fi service.” Also noted was that after two […]

Oil production

Dear Editor: On April 10, an article by Jack Gerard stated that North Dakota produces 1 million barrels of oil per day. (“Obama’s New Budget Will Hamper Energy […]

Gay slur

Dear Editor: It’s Friday evening and I’m doing what I often do on a Friday evening – look through the Downey Patriot. I just finished reading Greta Campbell’s […]

Rives Mansion

Dear Editor: What’s going on with the Rives Mansion? It was supposed to open as a high-end steakhouse in 2013, but it looks like all work stopped many […]


Dear Editor: Today, as I was leaving the Stonewood Center food court here in Downey, I was called a “Gay” and a gay slur by a young man […]

Traffic enforcement

Dear Editor: I support the Downey Police Department all the way. But where is the police when Firestone and Florence become traffic accidents waiting to happen, with people […]

Weekly delivery

Dear Editor: I appreciate the faithful weekly delivery of the Downey Patriot by Mr. Kline to Southland assisted living. Many of us, including myself, have previously lived in […]

Police vs. sheriff’s

Dear Editor: Recently there have been numerous letters concerning the debate over whether the City of Downey should be policed by our current community police force or the […]


Dear Editor: I would like to thank the following for their letters and articles: Lee Hamilton for valuable information in “Time to Fix the Government.” John Wehrly for […]

Free enterprise

Dear Editor: The news lately has been mentioning that the Russians are sending stooges into the Ukraine to foment unrest and discontent among the locals in hopes of […]