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Letters to the Editor

Promenade questions

Dear Editor: What’s really going on with the new shopping center that we never hear anything about anymore? I work across the street from the designated space and […]

Exalted President

Dear Editor: In response to the letter “Impeaching Ruler Obama” (Letters to the Editor, 6/19/14), I say go for it girl. I am sure she is going to […]

Firework safety

Dear Editor: While consumer fireworks are safer today than ever before, people must still follow the recommended safety rules for use of the products in order to ensure […]

Firestone construction

Dear Editor: I was wondering if they are still working on Firestone Boulevard? They started gung-ho and now I don’t see any progress. What’s up? M. Nicolson Downey […]

Ruler Obama

Dear Editor: When I started this letter, I thought it couldn’t get worse, but with this Narcissistic-Nerd-in-Chief, it always gets worse. When I started his letter there were […]

McDonald’s parking

Dear Editor: I am writing to urge the city of Downey to put in more parking at the McDonald’s restaurant on the corner of Gallatin and Lakewood. I […]

Make Music Downey

Dear Editor: My band comprising of electric guitars, electric keyboard and drums was looking forward to performing at the Make Music Downey event last Saturday and rehearsed extensively […]

California drought

Dear Editor: California faces one of the most severe droughts on record so now is the time to save water. More than 70 percent of the water we […]

Water bond

Dear Editor: I ask that everyone vote in the November election, especially for the life-saving water bond. The governor is asking all school boards not to have competing […]

Sanctioned graffiti

Dear Editor: While I’m much in favor of well-maintained utilities and safe construction practices, some efforts seem to go a bit overboard and leave our city permanently disfigured. […]

Downey High yearbook

Dear Editor: My kids just received the yearbook from Downey High School, and on the cover they showed me the words “Turnt Up.” So I googled these words […]

Texting and driving

Dear Editor: When are people going to obey the law regarding cell phone use, texting and driving? What’s it going to take to teach people to stop doing […]

Message from Dr. Stauffer

Dear Editor: Thanks to Eric Pierce for writing and the great Patriot newspaper for publishing the article and picture of me. (“Stauffer Will Have School Named After Her,” […]

Measure B

Dear Editor: I moved into my house in 1957 and lived, at that time, in Rivera, Calif. In December of that year we got to vote to annex […]

Supporting the arts

Dear Editor: My daughter Cara and I recently visited the beautiful city of Downey. I brought an exhibition of paintings over from Ireland, which were exhibited at Stay […]

City Council’s behavior

Dear Editor: Since my family has been in the United States, well over 100 years, we have a long tradition of military service. We are proud to be […]

Illegal drug use

Dear Editor: I read with great interest the article “Investing in Drug Rehabilitation” in the Downey Patriot. First, drug use is not a disease and alcohol abuse isn’t […]

Dr. Stauffer school

Dear Editor: This Tuesday, June 3, the Downey Unified School District Board of Education will have a discussion related to renaming a facility after Dr. Mary Stauffer. In […]

Political gimmicks

Dear Editor: One of the biggest con gimmicks our elected officials do is start a program that is absolutely wasteful of taxpayer dollars, then after a long period, […]

Measure B

Dear Editor: A brief history regarding Downey’s police and fire departments: 1.) In its first charter drafted and adopted in 1960 (I chaired the volunteer Charter Committee), section […]