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Letters to the Editor

Public education

Dear Editor: Talk about sour grapes! So, first Pierre Dauphin claims that his son’s high school and university diploma are “worthless”, placing no blame on his own son’s […]

Political dynasties

Dear Editor: Christina Kirchner was elected to succeed her husband Nestor as President of Argentina. Kim Jong-un, the current Supreme Leader of the Democratic Republic of North Korea […]

Recording police

Dear Editor: Police brutality and corruption is out of control in America. I salute the good officers, but with the good come those that are not so good. […]

Water waste

Dear Editor: It is patently obvious that this winter is a dud of a rainmaker, and we are still in the throes of a major drought. In walking […]

Death moratorium

Dear Editor: Much to my surprise I did not find any obituaries in the Downey Patriot March 12. I have turned the corner in life because of my […]

University admissions

Dear Editor: My son, who was born here in Downey, graduated with a practically worthless diploma in education some five years ago. He inquired at his alma mater, […]

Rebuttal to Lawrence Christon

Dear Editor: I have to say that I’m shocked, disgusted, and appalled at Lawrence Christon’s despicable letter (“Important Omission,” 2/19/15). One would think that a writer/journalist (especially a […]

Shared Stories

Dear Editor: Our group’s leader, Bonnie Mansell, is a profoundly caring, insightful teacher. Bonnie teaches her students that they each have a trove of personal historical legacies in […]


Dear Editor: As a parent with two students in college I’ve become very intimate with the nuances of the FAFSA process, whose primer in The Downey Patriot was […]

Bicycle laws

Dear Editor: This letter is in regards to the article “Police Cracking Down on Traffic Violators,” (3/5/15). I am an AARP Safe Driver instructor and coordinator. My district […]

Circus acts

Dear Editor: I want to say thank you to Ringling Bros. for retiring the elephants. What the general public doesn’t realize is that in order for these animals […]

Sports coverage

Dear Editor: I understand that this is a fairly small paper, and perhaps there is funding issues with writing more, but this city has two public high schools, […]

Death and social media

Dear Editor: I wanted to just say that I don’t think anyone should be able to look at a family member’s social media feed after they die. (“Legislation […]

Melody Patterson

Dear Editor: I’m sure I’m not the only one that remembers that in Downey, attending Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in the ‘60s, was Melody Patterson, who […]

Charity begins at home

Dear Editor: I just finished reading your editorial page today (Feb. 27, 2015). I read Ron Paul’s editorial and was disappointed that the charity,, was essentially a […]

Senior meals

Dear Editor: The Human Services Association-sponsored Downey senior nutrition program is to be commended for bringing health and happiness into the lives of seniors. A senior citizen can […]

College admissions

Dear Editor: The Los Angeles Times (Feb 15, 2015) wrote an inspiring story about a Hispanic student from an impoverished family who has been admitted to Harvard University […]

Excessive letters

Dear Editor: Perhaps the Downey Patriot should consider changing its name to the Downey Elsalot. Tom Fray Downey   ********** Published: March 5, 2015 – Volume 13 – […]

California economy

Dear Editor: Last Year, I wrote a letter to the editor stating that America was in the toilet. The following week, several writers scolded me, saying how wrong […]

Tony Mendoza

Dear Editor: Why is state Sen. Tony Mendoza giving any validation to an op-ed published in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune by forwarding it? The comment is that […]