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Letters to the Editor

Neel Kashkari

Dear Editor: The pathetic absence of support by the Republican hierarchy for the candidacy of Neel Kashkari for governor should be an eye-opener – for Democrats. For once, […]


Dear Editor: I got a kick out of Dan Chantre labeling smokers “bad people.” I think it’s attitudes like this that’s causing so much hate in the world. […]

Thanks from Dr. Stauffer

Dear Editor: Thanks to all for changing the name of West Middle School to Mary R Stauffer Middle School. It is an incredible honor and I want to […]

Plastic bags

Dear Editor: I just read that Gov. Brown is going to sign the “one use” bag bill. I am so sick of all these idiots calling it “one […]

Stauffer recognition

Dear Editor: Kudos to the DUSD board for recognizing Dr. Mary Stauffer’s contributions to the education of the children of Downey and the well-presented ceremony, and to The […]

Work of Democrats

Dear Editor: In case Margaret Hittinger hadn’t noticed, Ferguson, Mo. – like most if not all of the “poverty plantations” that concern her – is run by Democrats. […]

Hospital smokers

Dear Editor: Real estate is limited and because everyone’s rights should be upheld, cities constantly struggle to adhere to the norms of public policy that mandate a safe […]


Dear Editor: Congratulations to Dr. Stauffer and Rosalie Sciortino. As most of you know, a Downey middle school has been named for Dr. Stauffer to honor and show […]

Break the monopoly

Dear Editor: It’s about time to break the Internet providers’ monopoly. Downey should learn form other municipalities across the country and break away from the Time Warner/Verizon duopoly. […]

Government waste

Dear Editor: We in Downey are fortunate to have The Patriot, where we can express our opinions. Martha Call’s letter was very interesting. Not only is Congress responsible […]

Campus improvements

Dear Editor: My congratulations to the Downey Unified School District on the recent completion of the Engineering Building at Downey High School. My husband and I attended the […]

Construction projects

Dear Editor: Is there any news on the Rives Mansion? It appears that all construction has stopped — actually, there doesn’t appear to have been any work done […]

State politics

Dear Editor: A few weeks ago I was criticized when I stated that the country was in the toilet. Well, here are several things that have happened these […]

Bicycle coalition

Dear Editor: I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank and acknowledge Lars Clutterham for helping Roger Pardo to create and organize the Downey Bicycle Coalition. Through […]

Illegal refugees

Dear Editor: In response to Cristina Garcia’s op-ed (“U.S. Should Do Its Part with Child Immigrants,” 8/7/14), I agree that these refugees should be treated humanely. However, they […]

Political fighting

Dear Editor: I sit here and wonder why it costs us so much to run our government. The U.S. House of Representatives took 239 days off in 2013, […]


Dear Editor: A few weeks ago, Congressman Paul Ryan released his latest proposal for tackling America’s poverty epidemic. Unfortunately, the plan does very little to combat poverty in […]

Arts funding

Dear Editor: After reading that the City Council has agreed to fund the Stay Gallery three more years, it seems that $75,000 to support the gallery is financially […]

Free trade

Dear Editor: Dan Cristea brings many important points about free trade agreements to the fore. In my 50-plus adult years, I have always advocated an open-trade position as […]

Downey firefighters

Dear Editor: I am losing my patience with the Downey Fire Department. After losing Measure B last June, I now read the firefighters union representing them has brought […]