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Letters to the Editor

Homeless vets

Dear Editor: Did you know there are close to 50,000 homeless veterans living in the United States today? That’s like 50,000 too many. My name is Fernando and […]

Attack on arts

Dear Editor: For the record: Frank and Carol Kearns are two of the kindest, most generous, and selfless contributors to the Downey arts community we have. They are […]

Job openings in D.C.

Dear Editor: Our beloved President is now telling us that we must address the grievances of the Islamic terrorists, and Jan Psaki (just promoted to the White House […]

Falcon rescue

Dear Editor: I wanted to set the record straight about your article in the Feb. 12 issue. My name is Rita Frederick and I am the person who […]

Ball estate

Dear Editor: Today I read the stories of Albert Ball and the beautiful mansion that once was (“History Denied: Ball Property Subdivided into Four Lots,” 2/19/15). I live […]

Important omission

Dear Editor: I read with interest Carol Kearns’ story in the Patriot (Feb. 13) on Lorine Parks and her new book of poems, “Persons of Interest.” It was […]

Hospital rescue

Dear Editor: I wish to thank Larry Zimmer for his comments on PIH Downey. (“Hospital Service,” Letters to the Editor, 1/29/15). Let me tell you a story. We […]

Home burglary

Dear Editor: A home was burglarized yesterday (Feb. 14) in south Downey around 6-9 p.m. Things were destroyed and valuables were taken. Please have Downey be on the […]

Lynching charge

Dear Editor: In the Crime Report for activities on Feb. 1, there is an entry describing lynching. In our culture, we usually think of this as something other […]

Political priorities

Dear Editor: What am I missing? Our President is over in India promoting global warming while New York City is experiencing the worst snowstorm in history! Now they’re […]


Dear Editor: Regarding Frank Kearns’ Feb. 6 letter. It seems as if he is devaluing the service of those men who served in Iraq and Afghanistan because he […]


Dear Editor: Dr. Seuss said, “Be who you are and say what you feel; because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Another helpful […]

Lethal force on pets

Dear Editor: Save our pets from the cruel and barbaric use of lethal force by law enforcement. Our taxes pay their salaries, and we are sick and tired […]

American sniper

Dear Editor: Thank you for continuing to present all sides of controversial issues. This is how freedom of the press is maintained in a democracy. And thank you […]

Community support

Dear Editor: Assistance League would like to thank the community of Downey for supporting our recent fundraising brunch. We would like to mention the generosity of the following […]

Hospital service

Dear Editor: Recently, I had surgery at Downey Community Hospital (now PIH). I realize that the doctors get most of the kudos for the job that they perform […]


Dear Editor: An important poem in last week’s Patriot, “I’m Not Charlie,” was wrongly attributed to another poet, Wallace Stevens. The poem was written by Downey poet Conney […]

Stressful job

Dear Editor: I agree with Ann Halters regarding the length of the letters printed in the paper. I might have added some of them are downright hateful. It […]

Coyote warning

Dear Editor: Last week, two coyotes killed my neighbor’s cat. My husband and I were extremely surprised there were coyotes in Downey. My husband called for the partial […]

Property management

Dear Editor: Re: Danny Wright’s letter, “Noisy Neighbors,” on Jan. 8. I live in a 30-unit apartment building. Several years ago when it was under a different management […]