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Letters to the Editor

Water waste

Dear Editor: What is Downey’s official plan for water conservation, enforcement and to whom would I report gross violators? I walk my dogs in the evening daily, between […]

Poetry problems

Dear Editor: I’m not stranger to poetry, and I don’t object to anything intellectually stimulating in the paper, however, in two weeks we have had poems about a […]

U.S. healthcare

Dear Editor: In response to Mr. David Coppell’s letter about greed in the healthcare system, I agree totally and have the following observations. I like President Obama but […]

Park condition

Dear Editor: I’d like to echo Mr. Morris’ concerns about the poor condition of Furman Park’s lawns. (“Furman Park,” Letters to the Editor, 7/18/14) My wife and I […]

Miracle recovery

Dear Editor: In reading Sandra Guerrero’s inspiring letter of her daughter Melissa’s miracle recovery from a traumatic brain injury (“Hospital Miracle,” Letters to the Editor, 7/24/14), I was […]

Democratic leaders

Dear Editor: After reading The Downey Patriot (7/17/14), there are several things I’d like to address. First, Cristina Garcia’s article (“Cristina Garcia Asks for Patience in State of […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stay Gallery and poetry

Dear Editor: Last week’s letter titled “Poetry Matters” raised questions about Stay Gallery, the “Poetry Matters” column in the Patriot, and in particular the activities of Lorine Parks. […]


Dear Editor: The letters to the editor section of a local paper is always interesting to read for what it reveals about the people who live within the […]


Dear Editor: As a young and open minded woman of today, I don’t see why people are so upset about the idea of go-go dancers coming to our […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Downey Civic Light Opera

Dear Editor: Many have wondered about the reasons for Downey Civic Light Opera closing. The city of Downey did not keep its word that the DCLO could continue […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hospital miracle

Dear Editor: On Sunday, July 13, my daughter Melissa Marin from Downey was in Vegas with friends. She suffered a head trauma and was on life support with […]

Downtown trouble

Dear Editor: When I read in The Patriot about the downtown organization to provide additional security and clean-up services as the area becomes more heavily patronized by the […]

Illegal immigration

Dear Editor: This is in reply to Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard’s editorial. (“Downey Congresswoman Condemns Year of Inaction,” 7/10/14) The Senate passed a bill on comprehensive immigration, which was […]

Furman Park

Dear Editor: The city of Downey is demolishing the children’s playground at Furman Park and the reconstructing a new one through the help of the Kiwanis Foundation. The […]

Poetry Matters

Dear Editor: At last, a nice change. Finally, “Poetry Matters” and Lorine Parks was missing in the July 10 edition of the Patriot along with the advertisement of […]


Dear Editor: I would like to applaud Louie Zamperini’s courage and miraculous survival of a horrible experience which was above and beyond all human endurance and expectations. A […]

Immigration problems

Dear Editor: Regarding the illegal aliens from Central America: Republicans are called racists. Mexicans are concerned. Who’s concerned about securing our borders? The White House secures its borders […]

Greed in healthcare

Dear Editor: In regards to Greg Lopez’s recent encounter with a physician for severe stomach cramps, I found the response from Drew Kelley to be misplaced. To suggest […]

Journalism awards

Dear Editor: For excellence in journalism, Patriot writers and graphic designers received recognition recently from the L.A. Press Club, four awards in demanding fields. Well done! And I […]

Downey Democrat

Dear Editor: The July 4 edition prompts this letter. With your chosen name I expected to see at least one article or commentary on patriotism but what did […]