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Letters to the Editor

Construction projects

Dear Editor: Is there any news on the Rives Mansion? It appears that all construction has stopped — actually, there doesn’t appear to have been any work done […]

State politics

Dear Editor: A few weeks ago I was criticized when I stated that the country was in the toilet. Well, here are several things that have happened these […]

Bicycle coalition

Dear Editor: I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank and acknowledge Lars Clutterham for helping Roger Pardo to create and organize the Downey Bicycle Coalition. Through […]

Illegal refugees

Dear Editor: In response to Cristina Garcia’s op-ed (“U.S. Should Do Its Part with Child Immigrants,” 8/7/14), I agree that these refugees should be treated humanely. However, they […]

Political fighting

Dear Editor: I sit here and wonder why it costs us so much to run our government. The U.S. House of Representatives took 239 days off in 2013, […]


Dear Editor: A few weeks ago, Congressman Paul Ryan released his latest proposal for tackling America’s poverty epidemic. Unfortunately, the plan does very little to combat poverty in […]

Arts funding

Dear Editor: After reading that the City Council has agreed to fund the Stay Gallery three more years, it seems that $75,000 to support the gallery is financially […]

Free trade

Dear Editor: Dan Cristea brings many important points about free trade agreements to the fore. In my 50-plus adult years, I have always advocated an open-trade position as […]

Downey firefighters

Dear Editor: I am losing my patience with the Downey Fire Department. After losing Measure B last June, I now read the firefighters union representing them has brought […]

Keep U.S. independent

Dear Editor: Mr. Drew Johnson’s op-ed piece (“Jumpstart the economy with trade reform,” 8/14/14) deserves a rebuttal because what he advocates on behalf of establishment Republicans and Democrats, […]

Sheriff’s helicopter

Dear Editor: Two times this week I was abrubtly woken up by the loud whirring of a sheriff’s helicopter circling overhead. I understand they are doing their job […]

Summer nights

Dear Editor: I’m writing about two things. First, we’re enjoying the concerts in Furman Park. The oldies music by the Smokin’ Cobras was lots of fun – not […]

Favorite restaurant

Dear Editor: I wanted to shout out a big thank you to Debbie at Chris & Pitts. She reserved tables for a group of Downey baby boomers to […]

Street markings

Dear Editor: I don’t often agree with Councilman Mario Guerra but at the latest City Council meeting he brought up a good point. At numerous intersections in Downey […]

Pico Rivera shooting

Dear Editor: This is on the incident commander for not properly briefing his/her troops as to who they were looking for. Every deputy on-scene should have been in […]

Downey neighbors

Dear Editor: After reading Danny Wright’s letter (“Rude Neighbor,” 8/7/14), I thought of my neighbors. I’ve been a resident of Downey for 17 years and have been really […]

Problems in government

Dear Editor: After reading Lee Hamilton’s op-ed, “Why Government Fails, and What We Should Do About It” (8/7/14), I think I can make it more concise. Our first […]


Dear Editor: In July, Joseph Rudolph Wood III was executed for killing his girlfriend and her father in the city of Tucson, Ariz. It took 15 doses of […]


Dear Editor: Please vote “NO” at this time. Not only will this tax hike increase your property taxes, it could also increase rents for struggling Downey, Bellflower, South […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Water restrictions

Dear Editor: I am well aware that Downey as well as the state of California has a serious water problem. Yet this issue has yet to be addressed […]