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Letters to the Editor

Manatee Street parking

Dear Editor: I’m a resident of Downey. I’m located on Manatee Street directly behind PIH-Downey Hospital. I have several concerns, the first being that hospital employees are discarding […]

Gardening policy

Dear Editor: The sounds of lawnmowers, weed-whackers and leaf-blowers are not music to anyone’s ears, especially if you work a night-shift and daytime sleep is important or if […]

New report cards

Dear Editor: My son is a third grader at our neighborhood elementary school. I am not in agreement with the changes DUSD is making to student reports cards, […]

Fur farms

Dear Editor: The fur industry involves extreme cruelty to animals. These animals are skinned alive. More than half the fur in the United States comes from China, where […]

Online payments

Dear Editor: The city of Downey should give us the option of being able to pay utility bills online. After all, it is 2014. We can pay our […]

Thankful for re-election

Dear Editor: This Thanksgiving I am so thankful for life, family, friends and being re-elected as your representative for Downey and Bellflower on the Cerritos College board for […]

Illegal immigration

Dear Editor: America’s No. 1 liar, emperor and dictator has spoken up for the law-breaker: illegal aliens who are breaking our Constitution and changing our country for the […]

Street construction

Dear Editor: I just read the article about road construction on Gallatin Road and Lakewood Boulevard. I can not believe how long this is taking, especially since the […]

Appreciation for vets

Dear Editor: It is my hope that there are those who (out of appreciation) paused for a few minutes on Veterans Day and attempted to realize the real […]

Effects of climate change

Dear Editor: This is in response to the editorial “Americans to Hypocritical Green Activists: You First” written by Michael Barton. Mr. Barton misses the point. The point of […]

Election results

Dear Editor: Thank you voters, where shall I begin? Well, let’s start with Jerry Brown, the man who has never had a real job, who has been on […]

Republican mandate

Dear Editor: On D-Day, President Eisenhower did not tell his troops that we were going to defeat the Nazis so that we could cooperate with them. The order […]

Carpenters history

Dear Editor: I must agree with the letter written by Ms. Carolyn Arzac (“Carpenter House,” 11/6/14). Her letter was in regards to the poor condition of the Carpenter […]

Measure O reaction

Dear Editor: I am a little annoyed and troubled by the response to the passing of Measure O on the Downey Patriot’s Facebook page. A lot of residents […]

Neighborhood watch

Dear Editor: I would like to publicly thank the Downey Police Department and Downey Fire Department for attending our local neighborhood watch meeting last week and for providing […]

Carpenters house

Dear Editor: Remember the Carpenters house on Newville Avenue? It is still a beloved residence by fans all over the world. However, the state the house is in […]

Measure O

Dear Editor: Continuously committed to improving the quality of education for each student, The Downey Unified School District (DUSD) Board of Education would like to take this opportunity […]

U.S. economy

Dear Editor: I can’t pass this by – “Social Inequality,” Letters to the Editor, 10/16/14. I am a “right winger” who cares about the poor and homeless. I […]

Memories of war

Dear Editor: Nov. 11, 2014, we celebrate Veterans Day. It continues to be observed on this date regardless of what day of the week it falls as it […]

Here’s the scoop

Dear Editor: Are you the dog owner who walks your dog in our neighborhood without a pooper scooper? And the coward who walks your dog after dark so […]