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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stay Gallery and poetry

Dear Editor: Last week’s letter titled “Poetry Matters” raised questions about Stay Gallery, the “Poetry Matters” column in the Patriot, and in particular the activities of Lorine Parks. […]


Dear Editor: The letters to the editor section of a local paper is always interesting to read for what it reveals about the people who live within the […]


Dear Editor: As a young and open minded woman of today, I don’t see why people are so upset about the idea of go-go dancers coming to our […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Downey Civic Light Opera

Dear Editor: Many have wondered about the reasons for Downey Civic Light Opera closing. The city of Downey did not keep its word that the DCLO could continue […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hospital miracle

Dear Editor: On Sunday, July 13, my daughter Melissa Marin from Downey was in Vegas with friends. She suffered a head trauma and was on life support with […]

Sen. Rand Paul stands with Israel

Sen. Rand Paul last week took to the Senate floor to ask for unanimous consent to pass the Stand with Israel Act. The legislation, S.2265, was introduced April […]

Downtown trouble

Dear Editor: When I read in The Patriot about the downtown organization to provide additional security and clean-up services as the area becomes more heavily patronized by the […]

Illegal immigration

Dear Editor: This is in reply to Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard’s editorial. (“Downey Congresswoman Condemns Year of Inaction,” 7/10/14) The Senate passed a bill on comprehensive immigration, which was […]

Furman Park

Dear Editor: The city of Downey is demolishing the children’s playground at Furman Park and the reconstructing a new one through the help of the Kiwanis Foundation. The […]

Poetry Matters

Dear Editor: At last, a nice change. Finally, “Poetry Matters” and Lorine Parks was missing in the July 10 edition of the Patriot along with the advertisement of […]


Dear Editor: I would like to applaud Louie Zamperini’s courage and miraculous survival of a horrible experience which was above and beyond all human endurance and expectations. A […]

Immigration problems

Dear Editor: Regarding the illegal aliens from Central America: Republicans are called racists. Mexicans are concerned. Who’s concerned about securing our borders? The White House secures its borders […]

Are we doomed to polarization?

We Americans are trapped in a political dilemma. We all like representative democracy, but we don’t much like the way it’s performing. The reason for this dissatisfaction is […]

Greed in healthcare

Dear Editor: In regards to Greg Lopez’s recent encounter with a physician for severe stomach cramps, I found the response from Drew Kelley to be misplaced. To suggest […]

Journalism awards

Dear Editor: For excellence in journalism, Patriot writers and graphic designers received recognition recently from the L.A. Press Club, four awards in demanding fields. Well done! And I […]

Downey Democrat

Dear Editor: The July 4 edition prompts this letter. With your chosen name I expected to see at least one article or commentary on patriotism but what did […]


Dear Editor: In addition to the $2,000 fine for illegal fireworks, the city should enlist the help of anyone who wants to help by giving to them half […]

Fast cars

Dear Editor: As I understand things, the speed limit on the roads of the U.S. is 65 miles per how. Now, I know that some places have a […]

Downey congresswoman condemns year of inaction

On the eve of the one-year anniversary of the Senate’s passage of a comprehensive immigration reform bill, women leaders in Congress on Saturday expressed disappointment and frustration  that […]

Cool kid

Dear Editor: The parents should be proud of the boy who collects blankets and newspapers for local shelters. (“Shawn Goodner: One Cool Kid,” The Downey Patriot, 6/19/14) What […]