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Firefighter service

Dear Editor: I want to remind everyone in Downey about the emergency program — for $48 a year, as a subscriber our paramedics are on call. I live […]

What are women workers worth?

For years, Time magazine has a run a feature on the best places to live in the United States. But nobody ever ranked the best places for women […]

Active lifestyles

Dear Editor: In light of your recent article, “Obesity is Costing You” (4/16/15) about individuals dealing with their battle with obesity, the author Eleazar Kadile shared the many […]

Send sex offenders to Gitmo

Dear Editor: I wish to add to the comments of Mr. Brian Morales (“Sex Offenders,” Letters to the Editor, 4/23/15) There is at least one convicted sex offender […]

Hold for-profit colleges accountable

Congresswoman Maxine Waters released a statement Monday on the decision by Corinthian Colleges to discontinue its operations after years of fraudulent activity and ongoing state and federal investigations. […]

Ted Cruz: save traditional marriage

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Tuesday released the following statement regarding oral arguments in the Supreme Court concerning whether the Fourteenth Amendment requires states to license marriages […]

Watering plants

Dear Editor: I tend to question Drew Kelley’s assertion that in order to combat the drought, everyone should have an “irrigation timer” and water between 3 a.m. and […]

Responsible gun owners should ditch the NRA

I couldn’t find a hotel room in Nashville when I visited for my brother’s wedding. Maybe that was for the best. I had a longer commute to the […]

Pot holes

Dear Editor: Why is it that there are limited funds for the repair/maintenance of the city’s residential streets (“Your street, my street, several streets are beyond slurry seal,” […]

Bernie Sanders: Supreme Court needs to catch up

As the Supreme Court on Tuesday took up cases on gay marriage, Sen. Bernie Sanders said gay Americans in all states deserve the right to wed. “Of course […]

Benefits of same-sex marriages

Advocates for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender couples and modern families are adding another victory to their list, with 36 states, along with Washington D.C., to allow marriage […]

Dangers of e-cigarettes

I was watching a movie on the Lifetime channel and I noticed an advertisement on e-cigarettes and it caught my attention. This commercial compared e-cigarettes to tobacco products. […]


Dear Editor: Barack Obama campaigned as the President of change. He fulfilled that promise by taking us from a greenback-based society to one based in quarters, nickels and […]

Mexican-American history

Dear Editor: This is in regard to the article about an elected state official taking a group of fifth graders to Sacramento to further their education on immigration. […]

California drought

Dear Editor: ”Beating” it? Good luck. Perhaps we need to think first about ”dealing” with it. (“Beating the Drought,” Letters to the Editor, 4/9/15) Those green lawns are […]

Protecting our earth

Dear Editor: For Earth Day 2015, the United Nations Association of Whittier (UNA) together with its sister organization the Whittier Area Environmental Coalition (WAEC) are putting on an […]

Promenade construction

Dear Editor: It will be a year in May since my family and I became residents in the beautiful city of Downey. Living in such a great city […]

Sex offenders

Dear Editor: Since 2009, laws that regulated where sex offenders would be able to live and how far they would have to be from schools, or certain other […]

Internet/TV access

Dear Editor: I’m curious on why we only get Time Warner in Downey. Is there a reason why we are stuck with only them in our city and […]

Lincoln assassination

Dear Editor: It has been 150 years since President Lincoln was assassinated. Very few books or documentaries ever mention that Mr. Louis Whiteman told a military person named […]