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Break the monopoly

Dear Editor: It’s about time to break the Internet providers’ monopoly. Downey should learn form other municipalities across the country and break away from the Time Warner/Verizon duopoly. […]

Government waste

Dear Editor: We in Downey are fortunate to have The Patriot, where we can express our opinions. Martha Call’s letter was very interesting. Not only is Congress responsible […]

Campus improvements

Dear Editor: My congratulations to the Downey Unified School District on the recent completion of the Engineering Building at Downey High School. My husband and I attended the […]

Construction projects

Dear Editor: Is there any news on the Rives Mansion? It appears that all construction has stopped — actually, there doesn’t appear to have been any work done […]

Polarization - the single biggest threat to the United States

The standing of the United States will likely weaken over the next several years, setting the country on a path to become an also-ran middle tier power by […]

State politics

Dear Editor: A few weeks ago I was criticized when I stated that the country was in the toilet. Well, here are several things that have happened these […]

Bicycle coalition

Dear Editor: I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank and acknowledge Lars Clutterham for helping Roger Pardo to create and organize the Downey Bicycle Coalition. Through […]

Illegal refugees

Dear Editor: In response to Cristina Garcia’s op-ed (“U.S. Should Do Its Part with Child Immigrants,” 8/7/14), I agree that these refugees should be treated humanely. However, they […]

Political fighting

Dear Editor: I sit here and wonder why it costs us so much to run our government. The U.S. House of Representatives took 239 days off in 2013, […]

Immigrants deserve better than Obama

We should welcome a debate over how to secure our borders and reform the legal immigration system. That’s not a debate, however, that President Obama and his supporters […]


Dear Editor: A few weeks ago, Congressman Paul Ryan released his latest proposal for tackling America’s poverty epidemic. Unfortunately, the plan does very little to combat poverty in […]

Arts funding

Dear Editor: After reading that the City Council has agreed to fund the Stay Gallery three more years, it seems that $75,000 to support the gallery is financially […]

Free trade

Dear Editor: Dan Cristea brings many important points about free trade agreements to the fore. In my 50-plus adult years, I have always advocated an open-trade position as […]

The 5 biggest problems with healthcare

Americans are losing patience with our nation’s healthcare system. But the reverse is also true — our healthcare system is literally losing “patients.” More than 1,000 Americans die […]

Downey firefighters

Dear Editor: I am losing my patience with the Downey Fire Department. After losing Measure B last June, I now read the firefighters union representing them has brought […]

The price of beauty -- paid for by animals

More and more, we are living in an age of information, the substance of which is increasingly difficult to ignore, says animal rights advocate Santosh Krinsky. Are our […]

Why government openness matters

One of the fundamental lessons of the 9/11 tragedy was that our government carried a share of blame for the failure to stop the attacks. Not because it […]

Keep U.S. independent

Dear Editor: Mr. Drew Johnson’s op-ed piece (“Jumpstart the economy with trade reform,” 8/14/14) deserves a rebuttal because what he advocates on behalf of establishment Republicans and Democrats, […]

The business of America’s marijuana revolution

By all accounts, America’s emerging cannabis industry is looking very promising and is shaping up to be the country’s biggest business experiment of the 21st century. But the […]

Sheriff’s helicopter

Dear Editor: Two times this week I was abrubtly woken up by the loud whirring of a sheriff’s helicopter circling overhead. I understand they are doing their job […]