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Living wage

Dear Editor: Mario Guerra’s latest pitch in favor of keeping a living wage off the table is typical of the kind of guy that lives way up on […]

Minimum wage debate must include talks about poverty

Raising the minimum wage in California is a controversial topic as it pits unions against business groups and puts legislators in a corner trying to decide whose valid […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support local police

Dear Editor: This is in response to the letter to the editor by Patty Jackson in the March 26 issue. (“Recording Police,” Letters to the Editor) If a […]


Dear Editor: We have been living in Downey for the past 30-plus years and decided to upgrade our front and backyard. We spent close to $40,000 for a […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Lack of male principals

Dear Editor: The Rotary Club of Downey sponsors a program called Recognize Readers. It is designed to show appreciation of elementary school children that have made outstanding progress […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Teacher of the Year

Dear Editor: I wish to recognize and congratulate Mrs. Alison Kirby for being elected Woman of the Year. My daughter, Mariah, had the good fortune of being under […]


Dear Editor: It’s nice to find out that this accusation is a calumny, but did any of these people — Jack Smith or Ray Loynd of the L.A. […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Firefighter resources

Dear Editor: I just witnessed the Downey Fire Department retrieve a remote-controlled glider plane from a pine tree along the sidewalk by Griffiths Middle School. At first when […]

Governing by crisis isn’t governing at all

After Congress came a hair’s breadth from shutting down the Department of Homeland Security a few weeks ago, members of the leadership tried to reassure the American people. […]

Help for animal shelters

Dear Editor: I love animals and currently I am helping get the dogs of SEAACA adopted. There are many shelters out there who have more help when trying […]

What happened to Flight 370?

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 remains missing and to this day there has been no trace of evidence of a plane crash in any ocean. The day this happened […]

Public education

Dear Editor: Talk about sour grapes! So, first Pierre Dauphin claims that his son’s high school and university diploma are “worthless”, placing no blame on his own son’s […]

Political dynasties

Dear Editor: Christina Kirchner was elected to succeed her husband Nestor as President of Argentina. Kim Jong-un, the current Supreme Leader of the Democratic Republic of North Korea […]

Recording police

Dear Editor: Police brutality and corruption is out of control in America. I salute the good officers, but with the good come those that are not so good. […]

Republican budget would help Middle Class

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor Wednesday regarding the Republican budget that focuses on helping the Middle Class: This week, […]

Time for Republicans to reclaim their eco-heritage

“Sound environmental administration must reconcile divergent interests and serve the total public constituency. It must appreciate and take fully into account competing social and economic claims.” This snippet […]

Ted Cruz: repeal Obamacare

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, last week introduced the Health Care Choice Act, which would remove Obamacare’s costly insurance mandates and allow residents in one state the option […]

Water waste

Dear Editor: It is patently obvious that this winter is a dud of a rainmaker, and we are still in the throes of a major drought. In walking […]

Roybal-Allard’s remarks on Women’s History Month

“March is Women’s History Month. This is a time for us to recognize the accomplishments of the millions of American women who have made our country great. “In […]

Lawmakers need more time to read bills

Sen. Rand Paul has introduced S.Res. 100, a resolution to change Senate rules to provide sufficient time for legislation to be read before being considered by the U.S. […]