Black Friday madness

Dear Editor:Last Friday, on Black Friday as it's called, I visited a Walmart and the Downey Landing Best Buy, just to see what they were selling for the super duper low prices they've been advertising. What was I thinking...mayhem, chaos, a constant drowning noise beyond belief and trolley carts everywhere, from the front door and through the store, loaded with enormous boxes containing huge TVs. What saddened me were the faces of the little children who had been dragged to these stores at the height of the shopping hour. Faces soaked in tears, crying and screaming so loudly they could barely breathe and could be heard in the parking lot - tired, bewildered, frightened, hungry and probably way past an underwear change. I was appalled and disgusted, mostly at the total unawareness and disinterest by the parents (that word is questionable) in their own children's plight. What is wrong with these people that makes a stupid hunk of plastic and metal more important to them than the obvious drama they are creating for those innocent little kids who have no choice but to go along with this because they had the huge misfortune of being given to these inconsiderate self-absorbed individuals. Stop, think and pay attention to the child you delivered into this world and ask yourself who would you rather put your arms around Christmas morning, your happy, healthy child or that hunk of junk you bought, which won't hug you back. -- Shirley Johnson, Downey

********** Published: December 1, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 33