Direction of the U.S.

Dear Editor:Does it bother you that this administration has just given away over half a billion dollars to the failed Soleyndra, in the name of "green" solar energy and now they're bankrupt? Soleyndra spent $1.9 million lobbying for this money. The U.S. has already spent over $4 trillion on renewable energy. I guess they didn't realize that it cost $6 to manufacture panels and sell them for $3. To compete with China wasn't good business, because China has been dumping solar panels on the U.S. for a long time. President Obama can't blame President Bush, as Bush turned this giveaway down. There are now 15 other companies wanting money to develop a renewable source of energy. This country is being taken down because of this "global warming-climate change" nonsense. When I was a child in Oklahoma, I remember it was so cold one July 4th that we had to put on our winter coats and watch my father shoot off the fireworks. We didn't have the great scientist, Al Gore, to inform us that if we had just burned more fuel, we could have warmed the planet. Sen. Feinstein's aide, who believes this nonsense, agreed that I had a point when I asked him to explain how tropical animals have been found frozen in glaciers, that perhaps climate change happened even before we burned fossil fuel. The latest ridiculous thing I saw on TV was an EPA agent on a farm where corn was grown. He said that plowing furrows caused dust that polluted the air when the stalks were cut down. He should have been in the Oklahoma dust bowl or the dust storm that covered Phoenix a few weeks ago. President Obama is campaigning every day yelling out "pass that bill" when as yet he's presented no jobs bill when his new job czar, Jeffrey Immelt (CEO of GE) is suing Boeing for opening a plant in South Carolina which would produce 1,000 good-paying jobs, but not union, because it's a "right to work" state. Now Immelt wants the U.S. to build airplanes in China to compete with Boeing giving them much NASA technology. As if enough money has not already been wasted on this "climate change" (over $4 trillion in the past several years), Gore now has been given $1 billion by the government and private industry to further push the propaganda on the American people. Remember about 25-30 years ago when Time magazine's cover read "Global Cooling," stating that there would be worldwide famine because there wouldn't be enough sun to grow food? Gore should have told them to burn more fossil fuel! How long can we sit back and do nothing? Are you who are reading this willing to be a part of the destruction of the U.S., or will you take effective action and demand that our elected officials in Congress be responsible to stop the disgusting waste, cronie giveaway and behavior of this administration? It's up to you! It's your country and your children who will be left with this mess. -- Elsa Van Leuven, Downey

********** Published: October 06, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 25