Protect the people

Dear Editor:It would be great if the federal government realized what its responsibility is - to protect the American people. This administration and the last seem to think that illegal immigration is OK and even encouraged. Our attorney general Eric Holder doesn't seem to know what his responsibility is either. Recall in the last election, the New Black Panther Party was photographed at a polling place, holding guns in a threatening way to intimidate voters (no protection) and Holder seems to think it's no problem to send over 2,000 guns to the drug cartels in Mexico, resulting in hundreds of deaths there and one of our border patrol officers was killed. Wonder how he got the idea that it's OK to do this? Well, maybe it's because our federal government is giving over half a billion dollars a year to Planned Parenthood, who already has over a billion dollars in assets and spent $56 million lobbying Congress for money. The result of this is that 900 babies a day are killed by Planned Parenthood. I believe the total figure is 329,000 were aborted a year. If you know of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the one who stood up to the Hitler regime, his statement was "silence in the face of evil is itself evil" and "not to speak is to speak; not to act is to act." He lost his life being hung a few months before the war was over, standing up for what was right. Could someone tell me what Planned Parenthood is planning, except to kill more babies? This is many more than are killed in some wars. It is not only a blot on what's supposed to be a civilized nation, it's just plain ghoulish. Whose fault is it? It's all our faults if we do nothing. And our government that is supposed to protect us, but can't seem to find anything to cut in our trillions of dollars of debt, is more than wrong - it's a disgrace. This is only one of the thousands of things that should be cut, but after all, the Congress must get elected again - right or wrong. I have little respect for most of them. What have you done lately to stop the murdering of innocent babies? How about replacing our senators and representatives? -- Elsa Van Leuven, Downey

********** Published: January 19, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 40