Bush's national debt

Dear Editor:I agree with Ms. Van Leuven's letter "Downward Spiral" in that it is not a perfect world and unfortunately never will be. I am sorry for the obvious misery she is experiencing but we should consider the facts with regard to the venom she displays for our current president. The current administration inherited an $11 trillion debt passed on by one of the worst presidents in history. He sent thousands of troops into Afghanistan to search for the perpetrators of Sept. 11 even though they all came from Saudi Arabia, and then forgot what the end game was and invaded Iraq on a lie of "weapons of mass destruction." Those two wars have cost billions of dollars and some 5,500 Americans killed and over 100,000 wounded, not to mention over 200,000 innocent civilian deaths. President Obama took care of Obama bin Laden with 20 Navy seals and is bringing to an end these costly and unnecessary wars. He went to Hawaii - where he was born - with one plane, not two. Should he fly commercially? At least he went home and not to the Cayman Islands to visit tax sheltered money which his recent opponent favored. Regarding the stimulus money, has Van Leuven ever heard of the American Car Industry, which was saved by this administration, not to mention the thousands of jobs which were in jeopardy? George W. Bush, who inherited a surplus, is responsible for the national debt and he recently was the highly paid guest speaker in the Cayman Islands at $10,000 per person on how to manage off shore tax-sheltered money (this was closed to the press). Finally, the Christmas trees at the White House were all donated and have been used for White House tours for underprivileged families and have brought great joy to everyone. Whether you like President Obama or not, he was fairly elected for the next four years and it's time to accept that fact and wish him well. Colin Clarke Downey

********** Published: January 3, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 38