Car thefts at Downey shopping malls cut in half

DOWNEY - Car thefts at Downey Landing and Stonewood Center last year were cut in half from the previous calendar year, thanks in large part to proactive enforcement and collaboration with shopping center security, the Downey Police Department announced.At Stonewood Center, car thefts are down 64 percent. They are down 49 percent at Downey Landing. Vehicle burglaries declined as well, including a 42 percent drop at Stonewood and a 34 percent dip at Downey Landing. The L.A. Fitness on Firestone Boulevard also reported a 52 percent decline in vehicle thefts and a 72 percent drop in car burglaries. "The Downey Police Department, in conjunction with the Stonewood Mall, Downey Landing and L.A. Fitness management teams, developed comprehensive enforcement strategies during this same time period in 2012 to reduce crimes at these specific locations," authorities said. "The collaboration and proactive efforts between Downey P.D. and these businesses are proving to be effective." Police officials also reported that violent crimes in Downey dropped 8 percent citywide in 2012. "We will use every preventative measure and investigative resource at our disposal to deter these crimes and arrest those individuals who commit them," officials said.

********** Published: January 24, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 41