Christopher Dorner

Dear Editor:He looked like a nice guy to me, I told myself as I watched the news. A guy I would not mind marrying my daughter. Smiling, doing his bit for his country in Iraq. He looked like a nice guy to me. Something went wrong here. Coming back smiling from Iraq, killing women and children. Something went wrong here and it was not with Christopher Dorner. It went wrong with a country that has been killing others in some country either covertly or in your face for a long time. A solder who went to Iraq to defend his people, only to find it was a war for money. A country armed to the teeth with killing on its mind. A country so full of fear the people become doomsday preppers, so scared their country will not protect them. Maybe post-traumatic syndrome was this smiling man's problem? Did anybody ask that before the police set fire to the cabin he was holed up in? And at the end of all of this, I have to ask: is there any difference between strapping a bomb to your chest and a shootout? It is a hopelessness that so many feel. God help you, America. What a pity; all he wanted to be was a good cop. Dressed in that uniform he looked so proud. What happened? What happened to this man? How did this happen, America, to one of your soldiers? He looked like a nice guy to me. Shame on you, America, for killing your young in so many wars for money. Now this is what you will have to deal with. The killing fields have finally come home. Margaret Hittinger Downey

********** Published: February 14, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 44