City replacing trees along Lakewood Boulevard

DOWNEY - The trees residents see being cut down along Lakewood Boulevard are part of the city's street improvement program, according to Deputy Director of Public Works Ed Norris.They are ash trees whose roots were overgrown and cracked the pavements. There were 24 of them on either side of Lakewood Boulevard and they are being replaced by Tristania trees, which are "less problematic, less damaging" to the sidewalk in that their roots don't require as much room to grow in and, aesthetically, their leaves don't overhang as much, among other things, said Norris. The trees are also more resistant to the changes in weather and require less maintenance. The Tristania trees are being planted 12 on either side of the boulevard, 80 feet apart, and the remaining tree wells capped. The trees from Fifth Street to Florence Avenue have already undergone the same transformation last year, saidNorris, although more ash trees south of Florence need to be cut down, pending budget approval. The next tree planting phase, for which there already is partial funding but whose actual commencement in undetermined, will be the stretch north of Florence up to Telegraph Road. Norris said the same pattern of uprooting ash trees and planting Tristania trees in their stead will be followed.

********** Published: November 15, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 31