Downhill spiral

Dear Editor:To those of you who believe President Obama is on the right path - we are in a terrible deficit mess and he is too busy to meet with those in Congress to try and work out a tax plan to keep us from, as it is termed, "going over the cliff." Of course, he's busy getting ready for a three-week vacation at Christmastime in Hawaii. According to the Daily Caller on the Internet, it will cost taxpayers $4 million or borrowed Chinese money. Travel is very expensive for them because he and Michelle always take two planes. They have 54 Christmas trees at the White House. The president always wants us to give him our money to share with others; maybe they could share a few Christmas trees with the poor. I'm convinced he is either trying to take our country down or he didn't learn in high school what debit and credit meant. Every man, woman and child now owes $400,000. Ready to pay your bill? We're told by 2016 our debt won't be over $16 trillion but $21 trillion. Do you realize President Obama wants to fund more "green energy"? Solyndra wasn't enough. I never heard how many of the stimulus projects turned out. I never heard of the outcome of the project to find out why Chinese prostitutes drink so much or how many drinks college coeds must drink before they give in to sex or what a shrimp did on a treadmill. Did the frogs send a "thank you" for the bridge built for them with stimulus money? Now Obama wants more stimulus money. There are 47 million people on food stamps. We are now giving foreign aid to 158 out of 191 countries -- including $10.5 billion to Egypt - most borrowed from China and the rest from IMF. Because of Obamacare, 35,000 new government jobs will be created to handle paperwork, etc. and 16,000 new IRS employees to check on us. Right now 73 percent of new jobs are government-created. When we're all under government edicts, it brings to mind the Nazi regime. Be mindful that they will all receive pensions, so we can borrow more money from China. Please wake up and realize that we can't afford this and many other mandated programs. The government wants money (taxes) - no cuts, except to our defense department budget. The Democrats won't cut public TV or radio. Sandra Bluke, the 32-year-old college student at Harvard, can't attract a man who can afford a condom but wants the government to support her expensive contraceptive habits. One wonders how she finds time to study! Then if girls don't use contraceptives and get pregnant, they want the government (us) or the Chinese money to kill her baby and pay for it. We are a sick nation: killing babies, San Francisco having to make a law that men could not go into a restaurant and eat while nude, Mayor Bloomberg not letting people feed the poor because the food might have too much fat or salt in it. Because one person complained, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" movie couldn't be shown. Every year the ACLU and Freedom from Religion try to do away with anything to do with God, Jesus Christ and Christmas, not realizing that church was held in the place Congress met when our founding fathers established this country. We in California have the initiative process but it does no good. Prop. 187 was passed but not implemented and was turned over to a court. We passed a bill saying marriage was between one man and one woman - turned over to a court. Congress passed the Defense of Marriage Act - turned over to a court. Now Washington and Colorado voted to legalize marijuana, but we have a federal law that supersedes it. Let's see what happens. We are going downhill not only financially but morally. Christians are not standing up for their beliefs and most of our government "leaders" are morally bankrupt. This is a very small list of the craziness that the people of the U.S. are allowing to happen and most don't even know or care about it. Elsa Van Leuven Downey

********** Published: December 20, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 36