Downward spiral

Dear Editor:In response to Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard: I believe in legal immigration and citizenship for those who come to the USA legally. I have great compassion for those who were brought here illegally while a young minor child. However, I do not believe that all of those who are currently in the USA illegally should be given "fast track" to legalization, not to mention citizenship. Ms. Roybal-Allard states that the voters said "yes" to keeping the door open to illegals pouring into our nation. I see nothing to indicate that this is a fact. President Reagan was gracious and kind to illegals and allowed them to become legal. That was approximately 3 million illegal aliens. The Democratic party and Congress agreed to tighten security at our border and to enact legislation to tighten work visas for those who wanted to come to the USA to work for a period of time and to return to their native land. Sadly, this was not carried out as promised and we now have between 11-12 million illegal aliens in our nation. They have been given free education, health care and, in many cases, driver's licenses and freedom to work. Many cities have gone so far as to declare themselves "sanctuary cities" for illegals, and some cities and states that have tried to uphold the laws of our land have been sued by our own federal government. This does not apply only to those of Hispanic or Latin heritage but to all those who have come to our nation illegally. Whatever happened to our government upholding the laws of our land? How can we expect anyone residing here to be a law-abiding citizen when the government itself allows lawlessness? I am very sad to see our nation spiraling downward into anarchy. Maggie Allen Downey

********** Published: December 6, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 34