Election results

Dear Editor:The election is over and now we'll see the effects of it. Maybe we, and Congress, will see what's in Obamacare. I include Congress since I'm told by workers in every political office I've called that they have read it but I watched the vote on C-SPAN and papers were inserted well after many had already voted. Maybe now we will finally find out who is responsible for the many deaths because of Fast and Furious or the unnecessary deaths of our ambassador to Libya; the Navy Seal who disobeyed orders and saved over 30 lives, and three others who died waiting for help from our inept, dysfunctional high government officials. Oh yea, Hillary says "the buck stops here." I'm wondering where "here" is. We haven't seen her face on TV since then. The investigating committee wants Hillary to be interrogated but guess what? She's scheduled to be out of the country at that time. But President Obama took care of the problem. He had a man arrested who had nothing to do with this terrorist violence but broke his parole. He did produce a movie that was offensive to Muslims. What happened to free speech? And if Iran fires on one of our drones, do we say, "Oh well, let's not offend them"? Of course, we the people didn't learn about this until after the election. Now, after the election, Gen. Petraeus resigns over an extramarital affair, as well he should. I noticed at the Democratic convention the one who was called to bail out Obama was none other than Bill Clinton. His resume is - he was a womanizer, an adulterer, an accused rapist, a liar and deceiver and was impeached but didn't step down. My oh my, what a blue dress can do! He had the unmitigated gall to call Romney a liar, saying, "Do you want a president who repeatedly tells you the same lie over and over again?" As I think of it. Sen. Feinstein has introduced a bill called "Respect for Marriage." When asked what this bill would accomplish, we find out it is advocating same sex marriage. Deceitful? You decide. We're told to respect the office of the President. I do, but I can't respect a person who will lie and deceive us. I agree with the person who wrote The Downey Patriot saying we need one six-year term for the President. I'd add to that two six-year terms for Senator and three four-year terms for the House of Representatives. This way the President can function in D.C. without spending a year campaigning and raising obscene amounts of money. Also, those who have served in more than one government office receive only one pension - that being the highest. We need a cap on how much may be spent to campaign. I guess what I'd like in high government offices is someone who is honest, not deceitful, have the interests of all people in mind, who doesn't give special interests to repay those who put them in office and who will not start or continue some more giveaway programs for votes. I'd like men who mean what they said in their marriage vows, "keep thee only unto her, so long as you both shall live." Then maybe God will bountifully bless the U.S. once again. Elsa Van Leuven Downey

********** Published: November 15, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 31