Exercise instructor

Dear Editor:For many years I have searched outside of Downey for a fun exercise class that would motivate me to make exercise a part of my life. I actually wasted these years because my search ended in my own city. The city of Downey has an exceptional instructor teaching classes and his name is Carl Causly. He teaches old or young, small or large, beginners or advanced and is able to do it all at the same time in the same class. Carl is very current in style, plays music to get your mind off the exercise and can be heard clearly over the music. He shouts out an exercise and shows how to increase or decrease the intensity. The best part is that the city offers these classes at a reasonable price. Carl greets everyone with a great big smile and motivates all with his upbeat personality. It's very obvious that he loves his job. V. Prieto Downey

********** Published: December 20, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 36