Hurting small business

Dear Editor:The no parking ordinance on Firestone Boulevard has been in effect for about a week and as the owner of Downey Music Center it has killed our walk in business by 70 percent. People that were parked at Don Chente would often stop in and buy instruments or sign their children up for lessons, as well as the people at the barbershop and even the bank. Many businesses have been hurt by the parking situation; people don't stop, they just keep driving and sales go down. Now that there is no parking on Firestone, the parking garage entrance for Porto's on 2nd Street is jammed with people trying to get in or get out, so traffic is a nightmare at that corner. There is no way there is enough parking behind the shops for everyone, but the worst part is that people will not even stop at all. One week and sales are down 70 percent! How long can a small shop owner keep the lights on with those numbers? Nothing good can come of this. Maria Kwon Owner, Downey Music Center

********** Published: November 15, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 31