Mayor spends NYE in hospital with detached retina

DOWNEY - Mayor Mario Guerra spent New Year's Eve in a Los Angeles hospital after undergoing emergency surgery due to a detached retina in his previously "good" eye.Guerra had a similar procedure on his other eye four years ago. Guerra said he "felt a little strange" in his eye Sunday night and went to Downey Regional Medical Center as a precaution. He was transferred to see an eye specialist at UCLA Medical Center. Due to the holiday, Guerra had to wait nine hours to be seen, according to the Downey Beat. The surgery was delayed even more after Guerra ate a candy bar. The surgery was successful although Guerra is on bed rest and in pain. He has full use of one eye but "close up everything is a blur." "Ann [his wife] and I spent the New Years Eve alone, and yet together as the clock struck midnight waiting for surgery room," Guerra told the Beat. "I am very grateful for the doctors. Very grateful for family, very grateful for prayers from so many and know I am on my way back. Set back but still blessed and I am so lucky to have such a support team. Thank you to all." Guerra said he plans to preside over Tuesday's City Council meeting and insisted that the surgery will not force cancellation of his "Healthy Downey" initiative. As mayor, Guerra is promoting a health agenda to get Downey residents more healthy and active. He has scheduled bi-weekly community walks, the first of which is scheduled for Wednesday.

********** Published: January 3, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 38