Neglected north Downey

Dear Editor:I agree with Angie Fassett's letter ("Street Conditions," Letters to the Editor, 11/8/12) and would like to add, try driving Lakewood Boulevard at Telegraph (on the Pico Rivera border). Streets are horrible. Besides the streets, the corner gas station that was closed and fenced off three weeks ago is a total dump now. Also, some sort of utility/traffic box was smashed into over two months ago (same corner of the gas station) and has yet to be replaced, repaired, re-anything. I read that the city received $1.5 million in grants to improve streets all over Downey. When is the area between Telegraph and the 5 Freeway going to get improvements? I have been a homeowner in Downey since 2000 and have never seen improvements in this area. I love this great city but when is the city going to show us some love in the neglected north? Congrats to Alex Saab. Mike Farias Downey

********** Published: November 15, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 31