No recognition for Downey band

Dear Editor:I'm always happy for Downey High success but I have noticed that nothing is ever written about their marching band or color guard. I was present at their Riverside championship, Downey Christmas Parade and Whittier Christmas Parade where they were awarded a prize. I asked two of my daughters about it and they said that the school only cares about football and there is someone that reports to your newspaper about Downey High news. It makes me feel sad since this is a community newspaper. Aren't you also supposed to praise and recognize accomplishments in every level to promote kids and youth self-esteem? I know for a fact that the Downey marching band was fighting to be able to play in Riverside because the football coach only cared about football. The marching band teacher insisted to the end and was able to play at the championship and then run to Fullerton to play for the football team, and at the end no recognition was given. Let's ackowledge every kid in any area to make them confident while moving forward to represent their school. Teresa Carroza Downey

********** Published: December 13, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 35