Dear Editor:On Monday in front of Fresh & Easy, there was a table set up to gather signatures for a petition to put on a special ballot to take our fire department and police department and make them county employees. Not one police officer or fireman that I have asked wants this to happen. What bothers me is that the people working the tables to gather signatures stated outright lies and misled everyone that this petition is backed by the Downey Fire and Police. So, of course, people were eagerly signing their names. I think a special ballot measure is not only a waste of financial resources but is contrary to what most of the citizens of our community want. Unfortunately, we are not given the truth at these petition gathering tables. Keep the Downey fire and police departments independent. Do not sign the petition! Marie Augimeri Downey

Dear Editor: There have been people out front of Stater Brothers with petitions to sign. They ask if you're a Downey voter, then the guys says "sign the petition to keep the Downey Fire Department." This petition is not to keep the fire department but to put it on the ballot to replace the Downey Fire Department with the county fire department. The guy doesn't tell you that! If you tell people a half truth you are still telling a lie. I didn't sign and won't vote for it. Helen Burns Downey

Dear Editor: Shame on the Downey Fire Department for trying to deceive residents with their petition. They are telling people the petition is to save the Downey Fire Department but in fact it would authorize a ballot to replace them with county firefighters. Why are Downey firefighters lying? It is offensive that they think Downey residents are too stupid to see through their actions. Do not sign the petition! Sandra Eckstrom Downey

********** Published: January 24, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 41