Positive car repair experience

Dear Editor:I recently had the most wonderful car repair experience at the Downey Nissan garage. My 1997 Pathfinder began to act up again, feeling unsteady while driving with the flow of traffic on the freeway. Last year, I used Cerritos Nissan for repairs and decided to check out the Downey place. What a world of difference. Last year, I left my car at Cerritos at 7 a.m. A number of phone calls later (me calling in to them several times) and by 3 p.m. I had an answer as they diagnosed my car's problem as needing new sway bars. It would take two more days because the diagnosis was not made until late in the day, the parts had to be ordered and delivered. I can't believe it took them eight hours to examine my car and figure this out. The same thing began to happen again, the car feeling unsteady on the freeway. Instead of leaving the car at 7 a.m., I did all my errands in the morning and dropped off the car at Downey Nissan later in the afternoon. Within minutes of talking to the service advisor, he put in my VIN and found warranty work with the struts that could be causing the problem. My question is, why did Cerritos Nissan not come up with this? My car is a 1997. It's been posted for a while. By noon the next day, the advisor, Ricardo, called to say my car would be ready that afternoon. From now on, Downey Nissan will be my go-to place for Nissan repairs. And no, they did not pay me to write this letter. I'm doing it because I think places that give service above and beyond what is expected deserve positive comments, and other folks should be informed of places that give more than the minimum requirements. Rita Shertick Downey

********** Published: February 14, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 44