Rep. Roybal-Allard makes case for immigration reform

On Wednesday, Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard joined with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in promising to work tirelessly to enact comprehensive immigration reform that honors our heritage and our values, promotes fairness and family unity and meaningfully contributes to economic growth.The Congresswoman released the following statement: "We are here to urge our Congressional Leaders to work with President Obama to pass fair and just Comprehensive Immigration Reform. The pundits in Washington have spent endless time debating the meaning of the November election but all agree the American public wants the politics of division and obstruction to stop. And that is certainly true when it comes to fixing our broken immigration system. For me, one message the American people sent was YES to comprehensive immigration reform and a resounding NO to perpetuating a broken immigration system that divides families and consigns millions to the shadows of society. Through their vote, Americans said YES to keeping open the door of opportunity for all Americans and NO to closing the door of opportunity to qualified immigrants working to achieve the American Dream. It is clear the vast majority of Americans understand that immigrants make valuable contributions to our country and that they are a key component to keeping our nation the greatest in the world. This was highlighted by the exit polls of the November election which showed that by a two-to-one margin American voters support legalization over deportation. Legalization with a path to citizenship for qualified immigrants is consistent with our heritage, our values and our national interests. It is a win-win for immigrants, business, the American people and our country as a whole. In the coming months, opponents will inevitably resort to the usual scare tactics, misinformation and misguided thinking regarding the impact of immigrants on our nation. But the truth is that the facts are on our side, the majority of Americans are on our side and the momentum is on our side for fair and just comprehensive immigration reform. The momentum begins with the stated support of President Obama who was overwhelmingly re-elected on a wave of Latino votes. He understands and appreciates the valuable contributions immigrants make to our country and he has shown his respect for their hard work and commitment to achieving the American Dream. Adding to the momentum is the largest Congressional Hispanic Caucus in history, which is united in the conviction that immigration reform must be achieved in the new Congress. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus will not give up until the job is done. I am confident that with the continued support of the American public, our many allies in and out of Congress and a Latino community more energized and engaged than ever before, we will be victorious and pass fair and just comprehensive immigration reform in the hundred and thirteenth Congress. Thank you."

********** Published: November 29, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 33