Dear Editor:As I do my daily walk around the neighborhood, it's easy to see that the speed bump installers have been in the area again, piling more asphalt on top of previously laid asphalt on the heaved-up portions of the sidewalks, caused by the trees the city refused to get rid of, asphalt that should have been used to patch a few of the many potholes in the adjacent streets. They don't realize that many of the people who walk these sidewalks don't need any speed bumps to slow us down, but could use a little boost sometimes to get us over them. Not to mention how unattractive the sidewalks now are with asphalt laid across them; some sections look as if they have black stripes. Those same trees are also heaving up the curbs at the side of the streets, causing water to lay there all the time. These will probably make excellent mosquito breeding pools next summer. Hopefully the pools won't be as big as the one at the corner of Vista Del Rosa and Lowman Avenue. That one almost needs a lifeguard on duty. While I'm being critical, let me note that on the rare occasion I see the code enforcement vehicle in the neighborhood, it seems to be on weekends when they appear to be checking to make sure none of the good citizens of Downey are, heaven forbid, selling their junk without that very important permit for a yard sale. Each morning on my walk, I can't help but wonder why a person that can spot a yard sale permit cannot see the trash cans that sit in plain sight of the street. What has become of the section of the City Code that says trash cans shall be out of sight except from 6 p.m. this evening before trash pick-up day, and 6 p.m. the day of trash pick-up? And why aren't those trash cans, still on the street, ticketed when the street sweeper goes by and can't sweep that spot? Several years ago, I asked this question of the ticket-writer who follows the sweeper; he had no answer. Our trash cans here in Downey are a bit more attractive than some I've seen, but they don't improve the appearance of homes at all when viewed from the street. Jim Lucas Downey

********** Published: January 17, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 40