State of the Union

Dear Editor:I was disappointed that the President didn't offer anything positive or practical in his State of the Union message to Congress so I offer my statement as an alternative. I propose the following: On Immigration: Offer every foreign student about to graduate with a B.S., M.S, PhD or professional degree in Science or Engineering an immigrant visa so they can stay and work in this country. This would keep them from returning to their native lands where they would create business that would eventually compete with the U.S. plus it would alleviate the shortage of scientists and engineers that the country will face soon because of the lack of young Americans studying science and engineering. On Illegal Immigration: I offer a non-engineering solution. An engineering solution would be to create more roads to alleviate traffic congestion. A non-engineering solution would be to close roads so that people get so fed up that they'll leave and reduce traffic congestion. I propose to fine corporations, companies and individuals with a $10,000 fine and 1 year in jail for every illegal immigrant they employ. This will motivate them to not hire illegals. Since there will be no jobs, and that is the only reason they came, illegals will go back to their native countries. Problem solved. On Taxing the Rich: Eliminate income taxes for everyone making $1 million or more. That would give them more money to spend in restaurants, vacations, domestic help, etc. This would create more jobs and reduce the unemployment rate and it would be more effective that any stimulus that the government could do to the economy. The President has made an argument that the rich don't pay their fair share. Little has been said about the philanthropic bent of the rich. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are only a small sample of people that are leaving their multibillion dollar estates to society. It also ignores the work of foundations created by rich people to help society. The Rockefeller and Ahmanson foundations are but two examples of rich people generosity towards their country. That should more than compensate for the low taxes that rich people supposedly have paid. On Entitlements: Maintain Social Security and Medicare. Eliminate every other social program especially Welfare. This would create a work ethic since hungry people will be forced to find a job because they'll be listening to the only voice that never lies, the voice of the stomach. Once they get back to being responsible citizens these people will feel better about themselves. On Education: Identify and emphasize the education of the brightest students with free room and board, special diets, challenging curriculum, internships, free computers and other technical gadgets and free higher education, including tuition, books, room and board, travel expenses, etc at any college of their choice. This will give us the highly educated people that the country needs to compete with other nations. If we can get out of this elite group at least another Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, the effort will be worthwhile. Think about the industries they created and the benefits those companies have done for society. I am sure our elite students will not disappoint us. On the deficit: I have not come up with anything practical so I'll do what politician do, I promise to come back to this theme three months down the road. This is enough in the plate and if Congress acts on this plan we will not have to put term limits on them since they would have done some real work for a change. Jorge Montero Downey

********** Published: February 21, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 45