Stauffer's generosity

Dear Editor:If any proof was needed that Dr. Mary Stauffer deserves to have a school named after her as I suggested (The Downey Patriot, 11/11/12), it was shown in the Nov. 15 edition of The Downey Patriot which showed the extent of Dr. Stauffer philanthropic activities on behalf of the children and schools of Downey. What I found remarkable is not only the large amount of money involved this year but also the fact that Dr. Stauffer has been doing it for so many years previously. High schools, middle schools and elementary schools and their teachers and students will benefit tremendously for many years from Dr. Stauffer's generosity and investment into education. I respectfully suggest to the principals and teachers of Downey who have received so much help from Dr. Stauffer for so many years to endorse the idea of naming a school after Dr. Mary Stauffer by writing lettters to the Downey Unified School Board supporting the motion that a school be named after Dr. Mary Stauffer. Everybody should agree that we can not think of anyone else in Downey who is more deserving of such honor. Jorge Montero Downey

********** Published: November 22, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 32