Troubles in Washington

Dear Editor:The problems with budget deficits, the fiscal cliff or any of the myriad of problems in Washington would not have occurred if we had elected adults to public offices. To compound the problem, most of these people have never had a real job or run a business so they have no idea of how hard it is to make a buck, to meet a payroll and to pay taxes. This is why they are so generous with other people's money and have created an entitlement-oriented society. Before being assigned the Registered Professional Engineer designation in California, I had to first pass an 8-hour closed book test on engineering fundamentals. This gave me the designation of EIT (engineer in training). Then I had to work for five years as an apprentice to a Registered Professional Engineer before being allowed to take the final 8-hour test on my specific field. Only then can a person claim to be a Registered Professional Engineer. An individual charged with managing our money should go through a similar selection process. I propose that people aspiring to run for Congress or the White House meet a simple requirement of having a minimum of five years business experience working in private industry or running a business. In this manner we can be more assured that having to work for a living for five years would give these people the maturity they now lack and a healthier respect for other people's money. This proposal makes common sense so it ensures that it will never be considered or implemented. Jorge Montero Downey

********** Published: December 13, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 35