Bicycle promotion

Dear Editor:I was fascinated by Drew Kelley's reference to the apparent convenience of push buttons on poles to trigger traffic lights to change. ("A Cue from La Habra," Letters to the Editor, 6/27/13) Does he not think that Lars Clutterham, an experienced cyclist, knows about push buttons? What Lars knows and what all of us experienced cyclists know is that there are no push buttons on poles in all of Downey. For that matter, there is not one sign in Downey that indicates that the street is a bicycle route. But what Lars does not know is that some years ago, Guido Acquistapace and I had a meeting with the Downey director of public works to inquire about the chunk of money that came down to Downey as part of the state transportation tax. We were told that it was all used for sidewalk curb cuts -- and didn't we think that was important? Other cities used some of their portion to encourage bicycling -- erecting signs indicating bicycle routes. Downey didn't use one cent. And there was the director of public works, pitting cyclists against pedestrians with disabilities to justify curb cuts. I don't know if the cities are still getting money from the state transportation tax, but I suppose they still are. We're still paying the tax at the pump. If asked, the director of public works would probably give an accounting of the good things that are being done with that money, except again not one cent for anything related to bicycling. If Lars Clutterham really wants to make a difference and promote cycling in Downey, he can further his cause by leaning on the director of public works to pry away a portion of that money by installing push buttons for cyclists. Where bicyclists are concerned, Downey has been dreadfully negligent and downright stingy. It's time for a change. Lars, are you listening? Muriel Schuerman Downey

********** Published: July 4, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 12