Comparing middle schools

Dear Editor:For all parents who are thinking of sending their kids to East (soon to be Doty) Middle School during school of choice - don't do it.

Sussman has had a bad reputation for the longest time but I'm here to tell you it's without basis. I decided to separate my twin girls for middle school, one attends East and the other Sussman. What I discovered over the past two years is that they both have the exact same curriculum and activities.

Sure, East has a few more clubs but Sussman has a safe and caring school that emphasizes character and achievement. Their honors program is top notch, which prepares kids for AP classes in high school and provides college-level prep courses. I have seen my daughter at Sussman grow as she works hard and diligently on project after project with the support of teachers. Meanwhile, my daughter at East gets little to no homework in each of her classes and PE is the only class in which she really gets challenged.

Also, the band program at Sussman is spectacular. Their jazz band is top notch also. Anyone who wants band gets to participate, while at East only the academically-sound kids get in. I tried very hard to get my child at East to be in band, talking to the counselor and writing e-mails but it was to no avail.

Overall, Sussman has much more to offer students than East and they do it in a loving and caring atmosphere. Hismelda Macias Downey

********** Published: March 21, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 49