Defending the mayor

Dear Editor:My response to Stacey Rodgers' opinion regarding Mayor Guerra's recent trip to Ireland ("Sister City Benefits," Letters to the Editor, 6/6/13) is that I personally don't think she can see a thing, let along through anything. It's an excellent question about why the Sister City program (and many other programs) have been extremely active since Mayor Guerra was elected to the City Council. The answer is because he is always doing something for our beloved city of Downey. His picture is in our fine Downey Patriot a lot because he does a lot. The idea that he used taxpayer money for a vacation is absurd. He would be happy to give the citizens of Downey an itemization of expenses (which I am sure he has already provided to the city) but how about asking him for an itemization of all the money (not to mention time) he has put out of his personal pocket for events, trips, courses, etc. that have benefited Downey. I'm sure not one red cent of our money was used for his own benefit. He didn't just go to Ireland to vacation or to establish a sister city; he went to honor the founder of our fine city. Excuse me, but what's wrong with that? For months Mayor Guerra's character has taken a beating by uninformed citizens and unions and the clergy at St. Raymond's Church. He has held his head high and taken every lick. My family, as citizens of Downey and members of St. Raymond's Church, is honored to have been represented by him. Diana Hansen Downey

********** Published: June 20, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 10