Dishonest government

Dear Editor:To those who are still drinking the Obama Kool-Aid, hope you're aware of what's going on in the U.S. First, the Fast and Furious -- giving guns to the drug cartels in Mexico. Attorney General Eric Holder was completely unaware of how it happened. Then we have Benghazi, and our secretary of state, the President and government underlings who are completely unaware of what happened, so they made up a story then arrested a man who made a movie almost no one ever heard of or had seen and blamed it on him. Of course, almost everyone knew it was a terrorist attack, except those who should have known. What's next? Oh yes, the IRS scandal -- the ones who issues 501(c) tax exemptions to various organizations. Well, not to all, just the Tea Party organizations whose exemptions were held up for years of investigation. Dr. Billy Graham and Franklin Graham were investigated along with Dr. James Dobson and other worthy organizations. You know, all those "bad" Christian organizations and the Tea Party people who want their voices heard. There is one exception -- President Obama's half-brother had a charitable organization and he was given a two-year retroactive permit, since he had not gotten a permit before. The one held responsible and will be dismissed from the IRS is the one who held the job for three weeks, who was going to retire anyway. The one who was over the division of the IRS when all this happened has been promoted to be head of the 16,000 newly hired IRS agents (yes, we get to pay all their salaries and their retirement too) to enforce Obamacare. I understand that the money to care for those who have pre-existing conditions under Obamacare are in trouble -- the money is already gone. What to do now? Doesn't it comfort you to know we have such "honest," incompetent, uninformed, sleazy people to decide if you get the healthcare you need? It's almost unbelievable that President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder know nothing about these situations until they see them on TV. Apparently they have chosen poor staff. Maybe we should put a phone or TV in Air Force One. We're told so many untruths it's hard to know what to believe. Lastly, Alaina Niemann's letter to the editor was excellent. ("Public Dole," 5/16/13) Wish the Downey Patriot would give her a column in the paper. Elsa Van Leuven Downey

********** Published: May 23, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 06