Doctor challenges residents to get healthy

DOWNEY - Come weigh in on the new scales provided by Applecare Medical Group and get ready to get healthy, Downey!Earlier this year, Downey Mayor Mario Guerra launched Healthy Downey, a community wide health challenge to encourage our residents to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Residents can now walk with the mayor on Wednesdays and weigh in on the AppleCare Medical Group scale at Healthy Downey headquarters at City Hall. Walking can be the start of a healthy exercise and eating program leading towards better health. I agree with the Mayor's message to get moving and live a longer and healthier life. The Mayor is making it fun and easy for residents to walk with him and fellow Downey residents. The free walks are held at the Downey High School track, located at 11040 Brookshire Ave., beginning at 6 p.m. Mark your calendar for the next couple of upcoming walk Wednesdays with the Mayor on April 24 or May 8! Walking is a very important part of overall healthy living. Walking brings positive medical benefits such as: *Lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (the "bad" cholesterol) *Raise high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (the "good" cholesterol) *Lower blood pressure *Reduces risk of, or manages, type 2 diabetes *Manages weight *Improves mood *Makes you stay strong and fit Along with exercise, eating right is an important component of healthy living as well. Make wise choices about what to eat to control weight, diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women. Eating right and exercising improves heart health and lowers the risk of a heart attack. Begin by controlling portion sizes. Even though the pizza looks and tastes real good, no need to eat the whole pizza. Eat less. The serving size of pasta or meat should look like the size of your fist. Maintain a healthy weight so your heart doesn't have to work so hard. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables with all meals, snack on them during the day. Eat food high in fiber such as beans, kidney beans or peas. Eat whole grains, brown rice or whole wheat pasta. These foods lower bad cholesterol and help protect against heart disease. Avoid canned or processed foods high in salt. Cook at home and substitute salt for herbs rich in flavor like basil or cayenne pepper. The American Heart Association recommends no more than one teaspoon of salt a day for an adult. Also avoid foods high in fat such as butter or cream, or deep fried foods such as donuts or potato chips. Discuss with your doctor healthy eating, weight loss and what physical activity is best for you! Keep in touch with your doctor because he or she can make sure that you remain healthy and on track with any follow-up doctor visits and treatments. Make and keep your regular appointments with your primary care doctor. Join with Applecare Medical Group and walk in the first ever Healthy Downey 5K on Saturday, April 13 at Rancho Los Amigos. Go to the Healthy Downey website ( for more information. So, Get Healthy, Downey!

********** Published: April 11, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 52