Downey school board

Dear Editor:Where is East Middle School principal's Brent Shubin's school spirit? (Letters to the Editor, 3/28/13) He writes that renaming East to Doty Middle School is a brilliant idea. Oh wait, I forget, he is an administrator. Like all administrators in the DUSD, he serves at the pleasure of the school board. He can be promoted to the district office or demoted back to the classroom for any reason or no reason. Praising the board in public is always a good career move. Personally, I am sick of politicians who confuse self-service with public service. Remind me, do we live in Downey or Bell? Service to students should be the board's mission statement, not service to selves. In my humble opinion, I think it is always a mistake to change the name of a beloved institution without the consensus of the people - in this case, East students and parents. There are other ways to honor Dr. Wendy Doty's service. But if they persist, we taxpayers should unite behind school board candidates who put students and parents first, and administrative cronies last. John Marinelli Downey

********** Published: April 11, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 52