East Middle School name change

Dear Editor:I'm writing on behalf of three generations of East Middle School Knights.

We have become aware of a problem. Why would this school district that is under so many budget cuts be changing a perfectly successful name of a school?

East Knights is a school of so many wonderful graduates for many years now. I've heard that the district is allowing the school's name to be changed to Doty Middle School [in honor of retiring superintendent Dr. Wendy Doty].

What has this person done at East Middle School to get this recognition? Has she taught there? Was she a principal or teacher and improved test scores to the highest in the district? Is she donating an estate or millions of dollars to get this recognition?

Seriously, do the right thing Downey and stop this name change. Put her picture in a huge frame with a gold plaque, then put it in East Middle School's office.

Think of all the money it will cost to change the mural, the sign out front, stamps with the East logo, etc.

On Facebook, I have many alumni and friends who feel the same way as I have expressed above. Melisa Erickson Downey

********** Published: March 21, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 49