East Middle School traffic light

Dear Editor:I have lived in the East Middle School neighborhood for over 40 years and all four of my kids have attended East. I drive past the school every day of the week and if I leave late I avoid driving on Woodruff. As Jennifer Alvarez wrote in her letter to the Downey Patriot, Woodruff becomes a traffic problem twice a day when kids are dropped off and picked up. Our schools have changed over the years and our kids no longer walk or ride their bikes to school and that has subsequently caused a change in traffic patterns. This issue of a traffic signal in a residential area of Woodruff is not only ridiculous, it will make the T-section (Woodruff and Via Armorita) even more dangerous then it is today. First of all, as a long time resident of Downey, I resent the fact that [Assistant City Manager] Mr. John Oskoui is either ill informed or just outright lied to the city. I have lived in my current home for 34 years and during that time there has not been a crossing guard at that T-section. Therefore the question that needs to be answered is how can we make that area safer for the students? First, for the parents driving southbound on Woodruff at Via Armorita, put up a no left turn sign for morning and afternoon traffic. A crossing guard would help and putting one of our motor officers on site during peak hours (as has been done in the past) to dissuade errant drivers from pulling into driveways to make turns and double parkers. Second, institute an education/informational program for students and parents advising them of the new traffic rules and that violators will be cited. Finally, as a resident of Downey I am putting the city on notice that by placing a three-phase signal at Via Amorita and Woodruff it will not make it safer for students but in my opinion will create an even more dangerous condition. Kids will feel free to cross between vehicles stopped for the light and when the light turns to green kids will be possible victims of vehicles leaving the light. It is my opinion that the danger created by this ill-conceived traffic light will create additional liability for the city and our school district of lawsuits for the negligent placing of that light. My last comments deal with what seems to be a cavalier attitude of the price tag of $230,000 that will be funded "through federal grant money and gas tax funds." Another example of government forgetting that this is not free money but a waste of our tax dollars. If we could eliminate these types of wasted tax expenditures maybe we could reduce the cost of government. Bob Feliciano Downey

********** Published: May 16, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 05