End of DCLO

Dear Editor:My wife, Zelde, and I were at the Downey Civic Light Opera for Sunday's (June 16) matinee performance of "Paint Your Wagon." Much to our chagrin, we learned that Sunday's performance was the last and that the Downey Civic Light Opera was closing forever after decades of putting on terrific shows due to a disagreement with the City Council on an outside company to handle ticket sales. I'm not a politician, just a retired citizen and lover of theater who has attended Downey Civic Light Opera under its director, Marsha Moode, for years and years. What I know about Marsha Moode is that she is dedicated and has put on the best musicals we've ever seen. I don't know exactly all the details about the feud, but perhaps the city council could reconsider or compromise on this issue. Thousands of people come to see the run of the play, and before or after the performance eat at Downey restaurants, shop at Downey stores and bring additional revenue to the city. I know that the City Council and Marsha aren't enemies, they're just having a disagreement. Who is going to suffer? The thousands of people, many of whom are senior citizens, who come to the Downey Theatre to enjoy musicals are going to suffer. Downey is going to suffer because one of your major cultural institutions is going to close due to a folly. My wife and I live in Los Angeles and if the Downey Civic Light Opera closes, we will no longer have any reason to come to Downey. Again, the City Council and Marsha Moode are good people who have different outlooks but the truth is that Marsha has been in show business and producing plays for decades and decades, and probably knows better how to run a musical theater than does the City Council, no disrespect intended. Bury the hatchet, give Marsha a call and give her the green light to continue in her amazing work producing musicals. Paul Malevitz Los Angeles

********** Published: June 27, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 11