Fireworks safety

Dear Editor:As we approach the Independence Day holiday, we naturally think of family fun at picnics, barbecues and fireworks displays. All too often the excitement of the day makes us forget some of the fireworks safety rules, especially the ones dealing with dry weather conditions.

Safety has always been a hallmark of the way Phantom Fireworks conducts its business, operates its retail consumer fireworks sales facilities, and advises its customers and friends on how to use the products. Phantom Fireworks wants our friends in California to be particularly mindful of some special dry-weather consumer fireworks safety rules that should be followed during periods of extremely dry weather when the fire danger is high.

Fireworks enthusiasts must acknowledge the possibility that use of fireworks in dry weather conditions could spark an inadvertent fire. A little extra caution during these particularly dry periods can prevent a disastrous holiday fire.

Phantom Fireworks has some common sense safety tips for you to consider if your holiday plans include using consumer fireworks in dry periods. If you pay attention to the conditions and follow the dry weather safety tips, you can surely have a wonderful family fireworks display that is safe and entertaining.

Fireworks should be handled and fired only by sober adults. Fireworks require a designated shooter just like automobiles require a designated driver.

The shooting site area should ideally be concrete, asphalt or dirt - a surface that will not burn.

The fireworks should be kept away from wooded, brush-filled or grassy areas that would be susceptible to fire.

You must make sure that all combustible grass, dry leaves and brush are cleared away from the launch area, any areas along the flight trajectory and in the fallout zone of your fireworks.

You should completely wet down the launce area before you ignite any fireworks to ensure that inadvertent sparks in the immediate launch area do not catch anything in the immediate and surrounding area on fire.

An adult should be identified as the fireman, whose job is to have a ready source of water available (a connected hose is best) and to watch the fireworks to make sure they come down cold and do not ignite any grass or brush fires.

Fireworks can provide hours of wonderful, wholesome family entertainment, but only if used properly and according to good, common sense protocol.

Please enjoy the coming Independence Day holiday with your family, and use all appropriate safety precautions when using consumer fireworks.

William Weimer Vice President, Phantom Fireworks

********** Published: June 27, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 11