Future of DCLO

Dear Editor:I went to see "Paint Your Wagon" on Sunday and, as usual, Marsha Moode has put on another great performance with a great bunch of actors.

Having been on stage for four shows, I got a view of what it's like backstage with the actors and actresses running to get ready for the next scene and I must say it was quite exciting.

Now with just one week left before the DCLO lowers the curtain for the final time, it saddens me that the city of Downey and VenueTech could not work with Marsha to keep the DCLO alive. I really hope that both of them are happy in just another of many poor decisions that have been made.

A great big thank you goes to Marsha Moode for her years of tireless and dedicated effort to make sure that people like me got to enjoy each and every performance that she put on. I'm sure that all the patrons that have come to see her shows feel the same as I do.

I sincerely hope that Marsha goes forward and tries to find another venue to host her fantastic and entertaining show...remember, the shows must go on.

David Sedillo Downey

********** Published: June 13, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 09