Goodbye DCLO

Dear Editor:The announcement has officially been made. The current production of "Paint Your Wagon" will be the final musical ever from Downey Civic Light Opera, an organization that has produced quality shows locally for decades. Downey will now join the growing list of communities that used to have a CLO. The blame rests on city officials with their complacency and the Northern California-based theater management company VenueTech with their obstructionist tactics. An organization like the DCLO cannot endure having their rent increased 125 percent, having other shows scheduled on their rehearsal and performance dates, or having to deal with a myriad of other technical provocations. It's ironic that the very organization the theater was built for back in 1970 is now being pushed out. I've heard talk of an attempt to create a scab organization to keep presenting musicals here, but make no mistake, if this occurs these will not be the same high-caliber productions and the ticket prices will skyrocket. I suggest that loyal fans of DCLO boycott all future shows at Downey Theater (with the exception of Downey Symphony, which is a longtime tenant). I sincerely hope the CLO will find a new home to continue doing what is does so well. Thanks to executive producer Marsha Moode, stage and house managers, tech director, all cast and crew members, sponsors and audiences for the many years of excellence. Salute! Mike Sanburn Bellflower

Dear Editor: Several weeks ago, when exchanging my tickets for the Downey Civic Light Opera's "Paint Your Wagon," I was told by Marsha Moode that this will be her last production. This greatly saddened me to hear that I, along with friends, will no longer be able to look forward to a new season of musicals. Before Marsha took over production and directing, the musicals were average, but she has made them first class, very professional and yet has kept the ticket price very affordable. Kudos to you, Marsha, and sincere thanks for all your hard work and dedication in producing these joyful, uplifting musicals. I agree with Karl Schott in his letter, "Profit Over Culture," (Letters to the Editor, 5/23/13) that emphasis should be made on art and culture, which the musicals have certainly provided, and not on the establishment of hookah bars. I have taken pride that in my beloved city of Downey, where I've lived in my home for almost 30 years, I have been able to drive a few short miles to be entertained by the musicals and our wonderful symphonic orchestra. Please, city of Downey, let us do everything we can to support our symphony so it will continue to exist and perform in Downey. Martha Morrissy-Call Downey

********** Published: June 6, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 08