Lack of facts

Dear Editor:Thelma Simpson's letter implies that those who vote Democratic are some kind of stereotype leaches on society. ("Gravy Train," Letters to the Editor, 3/28/13) Well, I am personally offended by this. My politics are dictated by the direction that I think makes this country a better place for all, because I believe that we will all rise and fall together. My politics are dictated by the golden rule of "love your neighbor as yourself," even if that neighbor has not had the good fortune that I have. And let's not get started on the factual basis or lack thereof in each one of Thelma's juicy tidbits. We could fill a whole page of the Patriot on that discussion, and we would include corporate welfare in the mix as well. So all I am left with is this: Give a person a TV, and they will be engrossed for hours. Give a person Rush Limbaugh, and they will rush to their computer and dash off letters that look oh so silly in print. Frank Kearns Downey

********** Published: April 4, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 51