Letter from Downey Police

Dear Downey Residents:As of late, many of our members have been frequently asked by concerned Downey residents if we are in favor of the proposed charter amendment initiated by the Downey Firemen's Association.

To set the record straight, we strongly believe in the right of Downey residents to have the final vote in either retaining or contracting out their public safety services; therefore, we vehemently oppose this charter amendment. It is our opinion that this decision rest solely with voters and not rest with a simple majority vote of Downey City Council. Both the Downey Police and Fire Departments belong to the residents of Downey, and not to any one work group or association.

Many of us at the Downey Police Department were born, raised, attended local schools, and have raised families in this community. This community is our home and we value the relationships and trust we have built over the years. We have always experienced a tremendous amount of support from the residents of Downey, and in return, we will continue to give our all each and everyday to the community we proudly serve.

Best Regards,

Downey Police Officer's Association Downey Police Management Association

********** Published: June 27, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 11