Modern welfare

Dear Editor:Because of a deep desire to procrastinate today, I'd like to comment briefly on Mr. Kearns' amusing letter to the editor. ("Lack of Facts," 4/4/13) While I agree that we will all rise and fall together, wouldn't Mr. Kearns at least acknowledge that the alarming increase in welfare recipients - and the fact that Democrats have made it ridiculously easy to become such a recipient - is a sign of us falling? I thought Ms. Simpson's letter was rather apt and eloquently written. It is indeed compassionate and Christian to look after one's neighbor, especially one in need, but at some point compassion simply ceases to be prudent and actually harms people more than helps. Promoting welfare addiction, which Democrat politicians love to do because it guarantees them votes, actually keeps people poor. Imagine that! And I would be happy to assist Ms. Simpson in stepping up to Mr. Kearns' challenge. Yes, let's fill a whole page of the Patriot with facts about the modern welfare state in America, including corporate welfare. With the wool over his eyes removed, perhaps Mr. Kearns will find more offense with his own party than with a simple local truth teller. Alaina Niemann Downey

********** Published: April 11, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 52