Pit bull ban

Dear Editor:I have been a Downey resident for more than 30 years so I have certainly seen my share of changes within this great city. I witnessed something very traumatic a few days ago which prompted this letter. As I pulled into the Stater Bros. parking lot, I glanced to my left and saw a couple walking their pit bull on a leash. Five seconds later, I heard a woman yell, "Rocky, no!" "Rocky" was another pit bull who either got loose from his leash or was never on one. He proceeded to attack the pit bull until the two parties were able to pull him off. The "innocent" pit bull owners then walked away without either a call to the police or SEAACA. I can only assume they did this because they, too, were pit bull owners. Had the dog been my Labrador or my friend's Husky, the result probably would have been disastrous and ruined someone's life. I walk/run with my dog daily, and I am in constant fear of pit bull owners and their dogs due to the dog's unpredictable behavior and the owner's hubris (most pit bull owners will need to Webster that) as well as the reason most people own pit bulls. I understand there is passion on both sides, but my dog will never "attack" another dog or human. It simply is not in her DNA. It is time to seriously consider banning pit bulls from the city limits. I truly believe the majority of Downey citizens would welcome the opportunity as we have a great dog population here that should not be subject to abuse or concern for their well being. Dan Port Downey

********** Published: July 18, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 14