SEAACA to the rescue

Dear Editor:"The dog is in the middle of the street dragging a long chain. I thought it was a black paper bag until it moved." My friend Judy was on her way to work and phoned me. I went looking for the dog but couldn't find him. She had contacted SEAACA even though the dog was on Garfield Avenue in front of the Animal Control there. The officers at that shelter finally caught the dog and contained it until SEAACA could pick it up. They do this service for animals in the wrong district. I kept thinking about this dog. I went to see it while he was in the holding pen. He looked sad. After he went to SEAACA, I visited him there. The animal had the reputation of aggressiveness and liable to bite. A worker named Hector brought the dog to the visiting area. He was carrying him. I thought he couldn't be that mean if he could be carried. He started to grow on me. I had no intention of adopting a pet. I had two other dogs. But this dog had an abusive life. I sensed that he deserved a better one. The next visit I brought my two dogs to meet stray dog. Hector had him on a leash. The meeting was okay even though my alpha dog growled to let him know who was boss. The rat terrier made friends right away. SEAACA does everything an animal needs for adoption: the only thing I did was get him a haircut to remove his matted hair. All the workers are friendly and knowledgeable, even though the vet warned me he was aggressive. I picked him up after he was neutered and lifted him into my station wagon. From day one, he has been non-aggressive, sweet and gentle. He's smart and learns fast what he can and cannot do. Thanks to the animal training I learned from my late husband. My hunch was right and this stray dog wandered into my heart. Margaret Hehman-Smith Downey

********** Published: April 25, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 02